Tips for buying motorcycles for beginners: cruise, Sport-Touring, Scooter, Dual-Sport or Sport-Bike

With so many motorcycle options, selecting your first motorcycle can be a challenge. Here are several tips to help you select the right motorcycle for you.

What type of motorcycle should you buy?

There are at least eight different types of motorcycles (styles) of motorcycles: tourism, sports tourism, standard, sports bike, scooter, double sport, dirt bike and cruise.

Many new drivers begin their search by looking at Harley Davidson motorcycles. Do not make this mistake. While cruises are extremely popular, they are not necessarily the best motorcycle for beginners. They are heavy, loud, expensive and relentless (chrome laden) with minor spills.

Tourism bikes In general, they are built for long distance walking. Examples include the popular Honda Gold Wing and the BMW K1200. These bikes are heavy, powerful, expensive and require significant skills to function properly … which makes them a bad choice for new drivers.

Sports bicycles (also known as crotch rockets) are designed to offer speed, agility and performance. They are light, bright and fast colors. Motor sizes for sports bicycles usually range between 600cc and 1000cc.

Note: Don't let a 600cc engine with a small sound fool you. A Honda CBR600 sports bike can run in circles around a 1800cc v-twin cruiser. Crotch rockets can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds! That is faster than 99% of all production sports cars.

Are sports bicycles good for beginners? Probably not, unless you have the maturity to handle the temptations of power, speed and agility.

The following motorcycle style is quite easy to describe. Motocross motorcycles They are made to ride off the road. The tread patterns and suspension components on cross bikes are very different from those of their cousins.

While many models have headlights and turn signals, most do not easily adapt to interstate trips. If you have convenient access to dirt roads or other all-terrain areas, a dirt bike is a good motorcycle for beginners.

Don't have easy access to off-road areas? Consider a dual sport motorcycle. These bicycles are made to adapt to moderate off-road conditions and drive highway speeds. A kind of compromise, they don't do road and street bikes, or road and cross bikes.

But, most dual sport models can easily travel at interstate speeds and handle moderate off-road conditions. When you take that motorcycle tour (with which you have been dreaming) to the extreme north of Alaska, you will most likely drive a dual sport motorcycle, such as the popular Kawasaki KLR650.

A standard The motorcycle is an older style that once described most of the bicycles available … hence the term & # 39; standard & # 39; # 39. Standard motorcycles are generally vertical and moderately priced. Imagine that 70's bike that your father had. It was probably a standard motorcycle. While it is not the most elegant or flashy bicycle, standard bicycles can be good starting motorcycles.

Scooters ? Before forming an opinion here, visit your local motorcycle dealership. Gone are the 50cc mopeds of the 1970s. Instead, several new scooters look for large 650cc engines and automatic transmissions. With a top speed of more than 100 mph and an acceleration time of 0 to 60 below 5 seconds, scooters can keep up with almost anything. Do you want to embarrass a Harley pilot or a Mustang owner … no problem? A Honda Silver Wing 650 scooter can do both.

Do scooters drive like motorcycles? Insurance. Do they operate easily on interstate highways? Yes. Are bicycles good for beginners? Why not?

A sports tourism The motorcycle is the latest motorcycle style addressed here. Sports tourism models are sports versions of tourism bicycles. Or, conversely, relaxed versions of sports bicycles. This class of motorcycles is between a tourist bike and a sports bike.

The sports tourism class was designed as a balance between ergonomics, engine performance and long-range tourism capabilities. It is a popular class of motorcycles that combines the best of both worlds. The Honda VFR Interceptor 800, Triumph Sprint ST and Yamaha FJR 1300 are examples of popular sports tourism motorcycles. Most models use 650cc to 1300cc engines.

Are sports tourism motorcycles good first bicycles? They can. However, most are relatively heavy … using high-performance engines and amenities such as hard rear storage bags. Before selecting a sports tourism model, make sure you have the discipline to use only the power that matches your skill level.

To get answers to other complex questions such as: "What size engine can a beginner motorist safely drive?" We have written a complete guide entitled "First guide for motorcycle buyers: unique perspectives of our collaborators". In this guide, several major contributors provide recommendations and advice on how a new driver should select his first motorcycle.

GoPed scooters

The most admired scooters in the world

The availability of so many features and styles on scooters these days has made them a popular choice for both children and adults. It is the pleasure that one drives from scooters and the convenience of traveling that makes an accepted choice. Children, university students and adults can benefit similarly with scooters.

GoPed is the most admired gas scooter available in the market. They are highly reliable, fast and have been doing good business for the past twenty years. If your goal is to travel to work, take a trip to the beach or tour the city, GoPed Scooters are the ideal option for you. These scooters are also available for all-terrain enthusiasts. They can easily tackle massive hits and allows you to make big jumps.

Advantages of gas scooters
GoPeds controllers do not require a license to drive it. However, there is a minimum age specified to drive it, which varies from state to state. It also saves on registration and insurance costs. These scooters do not require a parking space. You can tie your scooter with the door, with bicycles or with the sidewalk.

Gas bicycles are faster than electric scooters. They can easily reach a speed of 35 mph. GoPed bicycles maneuver quite well through traffic. You can easily move in the space between two cars and blocked traffic. GoPeds are available in many great shapes and styles.

Types of gas scooters
Goped scooters are manufactured taking into account the purpose for which they will be used. For people who want to use their scooter to travel around the city, Sport, GSR Cruiser and Sport S25 are the best options for them. These scooters are very convenient, quiet and easy to use. They can climb up to 200 miles per gallon.

If you consider speed and performance when buying GoPed bicycles, then the GTR46i Interceptor, the Super GSR46R and the classic Super X-Ped is the right choice for them. These scooters are specially designed for the competition. These scooters have established a benchmark of power and speed for other scooters to follow.

Then there are the GoPed bicycles for off-road conditions. These scooters will take you to places where no other scooter has taken you before. GTR46 Trail Ripper and the new Riot 2007 are the two GoPed scooters in this category.

GoPed scooters impress everyone who sees them and makes them want one for them.

Ten best adventure places in India

India is one of the advantageous places in the world to host adventure activities, be it a safari in a nature reserve, a camel ride in the desert or a hike in the mountains.

India has many adventure destinations that attract many adventure enthusiasts to India. Adventure sports such as trekking, mountaineering, rafting and rock climbing; and water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking and diving are practiced in many places in India.

10 best adventure places:

1. Darjeeling is located in the northern part of West Bengal at an altitude of 7000 feet. The Natural History Museum is another tourist attraction in Darjeeling, it has an excellent collection of animals, reptiles, birds and insects from the Himalayas. A few other places worth visiting are the Bhutia Bustee monastery, the Dhirdam temple, the Ava art gallery and the Aloobaari monastery.

2. Gulmarg- "the flower meadow" is located in the great Himalayas. Gulmarg also offers excellent opportunities for long walks. The beauty of the Kashmir valley will not stop captivating you. You can explore the Nanga Parbat and the Haramukh.

3. Located on the foothills of the Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park is the place to practice adventure sports such as jungle safaris, wildlife camps and jungle camps.

4. Manali attracts a good number of tourists due to the number of temples, monasteries, steps, waterfalls, landscapes, etc. It is also an ideal place for adventure sports such as skiing, hiking and trekking.

5. The Zanskar Valley is located on the other side of the Suru Valley and on Pensi La in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. Trekking is possible to Panikhar or Rangdum on Pentse La, in the Zanskar valley from Lamayuru, Leh or Darcha, from Padum to the Markha valley

6. Dodital lives in the Uttarkashi district of Garhwal. It offers excellent opportunities for the other popular trekking adventure sport. Dodi Lake is famous for trout fishing and Mahseer.

7. Leh is indeed a paradise for hikers in northern India. Polo is a popular activity in Leh. The Leh-Manali highway rewards spectacular and picturesque landscapes. You can try rafting on the Zanskar river in Leh.

8. The adventure destination of Rishikesh is in the northern part of the state of Uttaranchal. The rapids and rivers of Rishikesh are excellent places for adventure lovers. Rishikesh also acts on a base for trekking camps.

9. Auli is located north of the state of Uttaranchal and is part of the Garhwal mountain range. Auli is one of the few places in India where skiing is an important hobby.

10. Billing in Himachal Pradesh is 8,500 feet in the Kangra Valley. For Sailing it has been a regular sport in Billing in the Kangra Valley.

The best all-inclusive family vacations

Are you a typical family with working parents and a couple of children?

If your idea of ​​a perfect vacation does not involve cooking or cleaning, an all-inclusive holiday resort is the way to go!

All-inclusive family vacations come in many shapes and sizes, there is one to satisfy the most demanding of us!

1] Take a cruise . This is perhaps the first on my list of the best all-inclusive family vacations. On most cruises, you can eat as you like. Many cruises even sell postcards to mail to friends with photos of gourmet meals! Cruises for children like Disney and Carnival They also have pizza, hot dogs and milkshakes galore!

two] All-inclusive beach resorts They are also a success with my family. Lots of fun activities for kids on the beach while mom and dad relax or join. Swim, snorkel, learn to dive, practice water skiing or sail on a sailboat.

Then there is no need for mom to cook! The family can enjoy a variety of beautifully presented meals by the pool or in the hotel dining room. My favorite all-inclusive family vacation resorts include premium drinks for mom and dad too!

Consider Mexico or Dominican Republic for options that are very friendly with your budget .

3] Family ski holidays all inclusive They are rare but exist and may include air tickets or other means of transportation, meals, ski lessons, lift tickets and entertainment. If you like winter outdoor sports, this kind of vacation can't be better!

You can't ski but want to learn how? Don't worry, it is fun to learn and each ski resort has qualified instructors for group or private lessons.

Non-skiers can enjoy the outdoor hot tubs, the restaurants overlooking the ski hill and the roaring chimneys through which you can enjoy the view while the children ski.

4] Educational or family-focused adventure or adventure tours They are another great all-inclusive family vacation option. Our friends made a week-long discovery tour of the Galapagos Islands, and they haven't stopped talking about it.

Other possibilities include farm holidays, cruises and learning sailing trips for families, and all-inclusive trips to major league sports games or car races.

If you don't see something that catches your attention, check with your travel agent. Many travel agencies know the all-inclusive trip to the destination of your choice.

Things to do and places to stay when traveling to Ecuador

Visitors traveling to Ecuador have a number of amazing things to do. From outdoor activities to staying in a luxury hotel, traveling to Ecuador means that visitors will never get bored while in the country. If you are considering booking a trip to this South American country, get more information about what you can expect when you land at the airport.

Travel to Ecuador to swim with an incredible marine life

The underwater worlds of Galapagos will probably surprise and inspire you. You will see marine life such as sea lions, sea turtles, rays, groupers, sharks and even penguins. If you've never dived before, don't worry. The country has several professional diving schools and tour guides that will teach beginners how to handle diving equipment to ensure they make the most of their time underwater. If visiting the sea above the sea is more your style, consider taking a cruise to look for whales, sharks, sea lions and other types of marine life.

Enjoy a luxury getaway in a beautiful hotel

Travel enthusiasts to Ecuador have a number of luxury hotels to choose from. These hotels are usually located on the coast or in larger cities like Quito. If you plan to stay in Quito, consider a stay at Hacienda Rumiloma or at the Boutique Hotel Plaza Grande. At the Boutique Hotel Plaza Grande in Quito, guests can expect to take a look at the president of the country or stay in the presidential suite. The hotel is located in the former Majestic Hotel and there are only 15 suites, so a personalized service is guaranteed. Another hotel in Quito, Hacienda Rumiloma, is owned and operated by the Oswaldo family. It is known that the family in Quito is committed to sustainable tourism and, therefore, they employ the locals to take care of everything from soap manufacturing to hotel services.

Experience the outdoors on horseback

Outdoor opportunities are everywhere for travel enthusiasts to Ecuador. The country offers a sport for almost everyone, such as cycling, horse riding, trekking and rafting. Horseback riding, for example, can last a day or a week or more, which gives passengers the opportunity to really explore the country. Whether you are an experienced rider or the first time you ride a horse, horse tour guides can help you choose a horse with the right temperament for you. You will experience ancient volcanoes, beautiful landscapes and the opportunity to visit & # 39; Half of the World & # 39 ;, the line that divides the northern and southern hemispheres.

The opportunity to travel to Ecuador can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether you are interested in staying in luxury accommodation, on an incredible diving trip through the Galapagos Islands to see sea turtles or even whales, or a horse ride to the mountains and ancient volcanoes, enthusiasts of trips to Ecuador You can experience everything in this diverse country.

LAN airlines takes you to Ecuador with daily flights.

Recreational and sports services in Leicester

Leicester has a strong tradition of being represented nationally in our three main sports. that is, football, rugby and cricket, with the rugby team, Leicester Tigers, being the most consistent in their achievements.

In terms of municipal sports and recreational facilities, the recently opened Braunstone Leisure Center is undoubtedly the star attraction. Opened in 2004, it is home to the Braunstone and City of Leicester swimming clubs and, despite having an eight-lane pool and a 25-meter pool in 2005, it hosted the British Synchronized Swimming Championship. The center also has a four-lane community pool and a sports hall capable of having six badminton courts and an auditorium for up to 400 people. There are also leisure centers on Aylestone and Spence Street. Leicester has two municipal golf courses; Humberstone Heights (outside Gypsy Lane) and The Western (outside Scudamore Road).

The Leicester Tigers are one of the main Rugby Union clubs for seniors in the country. His land on Welford Road has been the scene of some memorable games over the years and regularly organizes matches against the & # 39; Barbarians & # 39; – a team of international ad hoc. Formed in 1880, its name has two associated legends. One is that it arises from the striped shirts they wear and the other that has an association with a local regiment that had been serving in India. Although its most recent successes were at the beginning of the 21st century, that is, English and European champions in the 2001-2002 season, they are always a force to be taken into account in English and European rugby. The Tigers play in the English Guinness Premiership League and have many international players on the team. Leicester as a city also has many prosperous Rugby Union youth clubs that play in local leagues. Selecting the best-known names of a club like the Tigers is difficult, but since recent times we must mention the winner of the 2003 Rugby World Cup and the captain of England Martin Johnson. Rory and Tony Underwood, as well as, more recently, Austin Healey, were also very dear players.

The Leicester City Football Club is currently in the England Championship League, a step away from the premier Premier League, its nickname is The Foxes. Founded in 1884 as Leicester Fosse, they moved to their original site, Filbert Street, in 1891, a year after joining the England Football Association. His glory years were in the sixties and early seventies, but since then, at best, they have only been able to get on and off English football. Their last appearance in the Premier League was in 2001, the same year they moved to their new field, The Walker Stadium. In 2003 with the club beset by financial problems, the club was bought out of administration by a consortium headed by former club player and hero Gary Lineker. Many famous footballers have played for Leicester City, two of which were England's international goalkeepers, Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton. Gordon, of course, will always be remembered as one of the winning teams of the 1966 World Cup. Gary Lineker, also an England international at the Center Forward, is probably the most prominent player in the foes of the Foxes & # 39; fans. Gary is now a regular host of BBC Sport.

Within the city limits is the Leicestershire County Cricket Club, also known as The Foxes. They are currently in Division 2 of & # 39; Liverpool Victoria & # 39; County Championship They are also in Division 2 of & # 39; Natwest Pro40 & # 39; leagues where they play limited one-day overs. In the & # 39; Twenty20 & # 39; Cup games, which are played late in the afternoon and first nights, the Fox were the winners of the trophy in 2006 after an exciting final match against Nottinghamshire. Leicester CC plays on the grounds of Grace Road, formerly known as County Ground. Grace Road now has a capacity of 12,000 and is not on the list of grounds of the English Cricket Board that can host test cricket matches (international).

The Leicester Riders are the senior basketball club in Leicester and play in the British Basketball League Premier League. They call themselves the oldest basketball club in Britain, founded in 1967 and founding members of the National Basketball League (British). Originally from Loughborough All Stars, after a few years of using Loughborough and Leicester as their base of operations, they settled back in Leicester in 2004 and now play in the place of their sponsor at the University of Montfort.

Leicester has several athletic clubs, in particular Leicester Corinthians. For more information, see the link provided here. Leicester athletics likes to partner with international distance runner Paula Radcliffe, which runs for Bedford & County south of Leicester.

If you feel like seeing if you would like to try climbing as a sport or hobby, Leicester has East Midlands & # 39; The largest indoor climbing centers of the Tower Climbing Center. Here there are several climbing walls with different degrees of difficulty, the largest of which is 15 m. You will be welcome here if you are an experienced climber who wants to "keep your hand inside." or a newbie who wants to try it.

The 5 most popular sports in Ireland include old Gaelic games

Ireland has a fantastic sporting heritage and enthusiasm for all sports abounds throughout the country, from junior and amateur levels to international professionals. The five most popular sports in Ireland Gaelic football, throwing, soccer and horse racing are sports for spectators and participants and let's not forget that golf is very sociable activities in Ireland that bring people together, whether joining a club or team or just look in the pub. As such, an Ireland Sports Tour to attend sporting events or compete as a team can be a great way to see the country and meet people while enjoying your favorite sport. In addition to great support for major European sports such as football, rugby and golf, Ireland has many of its own sports that are fanatically followed and have begun to grow internationally thanks to large Irish expatriate communities throughout the world.

Gaelic football

The most popular sport in Ireland is Gaelic football, which has more in common with rugby or Australian football than association football. Normally played by teams of 15 in two halves of approximately 30 minutes on a large grass field, the goal is to score more points than the other team. The points are scored by kicking or hitting the ball on the goal crossbar in H or inside the net. Gaelic football matches can attract great passionate support, especially at the higher levels. No sports tour of Ireland would be complete without seeing one for yourself.

Hurling – another ancient Gaelic sport

The second most popular sport in Ireland is throwing, an ancient sport also of Gaelic origin, and shares many of the characteristics of Gaelic football. Played in the same field, with the same objectives, number of players and scoring system, the difference is in the way of playing. Players use a flattened wooden stick with a curved end, known as hurley, to hit the sliotar, a small leather ball similar to a baseball, and try to score points for their team. Good players can launch the sliotar at great speeds over huge distances. As such, injuries are not uncommon, but launching is still a popular and intensely exciting sport to watch or play, and another must-see for any Irish sports tour.

Golf in Ireland

For those who prefer quieter sports and hobbies, Ireland has a lot to offer golf fans. Although traditionally associated with Scotland, Ireland has a rich history of golf and many of its courses have been played for hundreds of years. The quieter pace of golf allows those on an Ireland Sports Tour a more leisurely opportunity to meet and socialize with local players while enjoying the picturesque scenery of one of the Emerald Islands many fantastic links and, of course, a visit to the clubhouse to play out in the "19th hole!"


Despite being in the shadow of the more traditional Gaelic sports, the world's most popular sport thrives in Ireland and football, association football or simply football fans can always find something to keep them busy, particularly in the cities While the media mainly focuses on the Scottish and English leagues, there are many competitive teams in Ireland and it is worth participating in a match if you are there in the season, as the Irish provide the same vociferous support and enthusiasm. soccer as to any of his other hobbies.

Horse racing

Of course, there are many other sports and events in Ireland, such as horse racing, although horse racing is not something that can be challenged as a team, it can be enjoyed as a spectator. However, no matter what your particular game is, it is a chance bet that an Ireland Sports Tour meets the requirements and you will find it fun and enjoyable. Ireland is a popular destination for all kinds of sports enthusiasts; The people are welcoming and friendly, and are often pleased to organize friendly meetings for those on sports tours. This can be a great way to meet the local Irish, mixing with the natives while toasting for victory or crying defeat with their new friends in the pub or clubhouse.

Travel tips to play as a team or spectators

If you are a sports fan, a team member, a sports coach or a group leader, look for a reputable company to handle your tour arrangements and sports travel vacations in Ireland. Whether you want to go to Ireland as a spectator or make arrangements for your sports team to go to Ireland and challenge the Irish, it is important to work with the best because of the logistics involved in sporting events and games.

Holidays are never boring if you like water sports

Going on a summer vacation does not always mean sitting long hours at the beach reading books and sunbathing. On the contrary, taking a break by the ocean can be a quite extraordinary experience. For those who do not live near water, a vacation offers a rare opportunity to enjoy sports and water activities. If you are curious about what a vacation at sea might offer you, read on and at the end of this article, you will be booking your flights.


Let's start with the obvious. Swimming While it may sound boring and mundane, swimming actually activates almost every muscle in the body from the knees up. And you don't have to swim using the same style all the time. Since, after all, it's your vacation, we recommend you get swimming goggles. Being able to observe the ocean floor while nothing makes the experience much more enjoyable.


Snorkeling is a favorite among vacation lovers. And for good reason. First, it is not necessary to have experience to enjoy snorkeling. Since our bodies naturally float in water, it is relatively easy to remain on the surface of the water. When using a snorkel, you can breathe while partially submerged. Actually, it's so easy that kids can do it. It is one of the rare activities in which you can involve your children. This makes snorkeling a great family activity that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age or ability to swim.

Second, and more importantly, they will leave you breathless (breathless, do you understand?) For the incredible underwater views. While the surface may seem calm and not so interesting, there is a thriving life just below. We recommend going even one step further and get a full-face snorkel mask that offers a 180 degree view. It is also much more suitable for beginners and children, since you can also breathe through your nose, as you would on land.

Scuba diving

Diving has the advantage over snorkeling in the sense that it does not need to be near the surface to breathe. This will allow you to get close to something you might want to see, touch or touch. However contradictory it may seem, it is not necessary to know how to swim to dive. Swimming is almost impossible underwater when using the complete equipment. Instead, you'll be rowing.

While it may sound scary to some people, diving is really easy to do. During the initial diving lesson, the instructor will be by your side all the time. After you have passed your first lesson, you are free to do tourist dives up to 16 feet deep. But don't let this put you off. The most beautiful views (yes, the ones you see on large posters and archive photos) are at depths of less than 10 feet! If you want to explore the underwater world, Scuba is the way to go.


Unlike the three that we mentioned above, the paddleboard is performed on water. For this, you will have to rent a paddle board, which is a bit wider but shorter than a traditional surfboard. On the surface of the water, you should paddle with your hands to move. You can do it while kneeling or lying on the board.

Recently, a new variation of the paddleboard has become popular and is the stand up paddleboard. In this case, you can use a palette and a row while standing. People find that this way of sightseeing offers better views and better control in general for the inexperienced.

With the paddleboard, you can go where your imagination takes you. You can visit wild and inaccessible beaches, explore caves or even use it as a means of transportation to some extent. While some places used to have swimmer beaches that only experienced swimmers could reach, more and more surfers join them.

Body Surfing

Body Surfing is very popular due to a couple of reasons. First, you don't need any, and I mean, no equipment for it. And second, you just need some water and some waves. It is perfect for people who have never tried surfing but always wanted to do it. Virtually & # 39; you ride the waves & # 39; Just using your body The trick is to catch the top of the wave and straighten as much as possible. When the wave starts to break, just turn in the direction and voila … you're surfing.

Unlike the other activities listed here, this is a bit more difficult to achieve and requires a little more strength and coordination. That is why we recommend this only to people who have confidence in water and swimming.

So that was it for now. What are you waiting for? Book those vacations. Admit it, you need it.

Ten tips to get ideas for writing

The number one question they ask me when I tell someone that I am a writer is: "Where do you find all your ideas?" This has never been a problem for me. In fact, I have the opposite problem. I have so many ideas spinning in my head that it's hard to concentrate on one. If you have trouble finding ideas to write, I have some tips for you.


A good place to start when looking for writing topics are your own hobbies and interests. If you are an avid gardener, you may want to write about gardens. If you love cooking, consider writing for the food section of the local newspaper or gourmet magazine. If sport is your thing, you can interview athletes for sports magazines.


Every time I travel to a new place, I see many interesting sites. If you love to travel, you can submit a travel article to a magazine before your next trip. You could even pay some of your expenses. I have also written about new plants, animals and tourist attractions that I have seen in my travels.


The first thing I do every morning after serving a cup of coffee is reading the newspaper. You may come up with new ideas every time you read the newspaper. If you like to read the main page or the art and entertainment section, you will find some new topic to write about. Take an idea and give it a new twist or twist.


My family is a great source of inspiration for my writing. If you like to write for children or parents, you will get many great ideas simply by looking at your own family members. Even if you don't write articles for parents, you could write about a hobby that someone in your family has or write about your dog or cat for a pet magazine.


Many times looking at old photographs is a good way to get ideas for your writing. Old memories will arise and you will remember forgotten events. You may find a photo of your children learning to ride a bicycle or a camping trip you took with your family. The possibilities are endless.


When you finish writing for the day, you can relax watching some television. I have discovered that educational stations like Animal Planet, Food Network and History Channel always give me ideas for stories and articles. You won't feel so guilty about watching TV if it inspires you to write.


I don't know about your dreams, but mine can be a little crazy sometimes. You should start writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning. You can find a great plot for a story.


This always works for me. When I'm a little tired and ideas just don't come, I go for a walk or ride a bike. The exercise awakens my brain and I start thinking clearly again.


You probably learned this technique at school and used it to write compositions. Brainstorming is a very effective way to get ideas to write. Choose a topic you want to write about. Then start a brainstorm on that topic and write each related word that comes to mind. For example, if your subject is dogs, you can write leashes, dog food, ball, bones, collar, frisbee, walk, pet, friend, etc. Hold a brainstorm on your subject for ten or fifteen minutes and you should have an idea for a story or an article


You may not be able to write while listening to music, but it is a great way to have ideas. Music often brings back memories of your past and helps you relax. The next time you have an idea, turn on the radio for a few minutes.

I hope some of these techniques for finding writing ideas work for you. I know they have always worked for me and I rarely run out of ideas to write. Happy writing!

Writing travel articles: a case study

Write travel articles that are published

To write a successful travel article that has a good chance of being published, you must do several things in addition to writing the article. Above all, you should consider how the angles you take with it may be affected by the publications you would like to present it to, and who your target market may be.

The concept of travel article

Here is my idea for a 800-1500 word travel feature

I propose an article of 800 to 1500 words about extension destinations when I travel to Bali. An advisory function & # 39; defining several additional places for a holiday in Bali. Destinations would include the island of Lombok, the island of Nusa Lembongan and the Gilis Islands group.

For each destination, discuss: is it a day trip or a long stay? What does the location offer travelers: activities, types of accommodation, dining options, transportation options, spa and wellness facilities? What are the specific points of interest for each location? Look at Fishing, diving and snorkeling, natural parks, eco-excursions, water sports, etc. For each island option.

Discuss the cultural aspects of the destinations and briefly address any items of historical importance. Briefly address the ecological aspects of the various islands: the impact of tourism. Advise on how to get to each destination: options available by sea or air, costs and travel deadlines.

Sidebars and output boxes for the item would include:

  1. The best accommodation options in budget, medium and luxury categories for each destination.
  2. Tours and activities available in each place.
  3. Gastronomic activities and nightlife for each destination.

The purpose

Travel items serve two main purposes. The first is that they provide useful and practical information for the reader. People read travel articles because they want to know if they should visit a destination.

The main questions (among hundreds) that want to be answered are: Why should I go there? What are the attractions? nature, shopping, sports, culture, etc. How do I get there? How are the people? Where should I stay? When should i go? How much is it going to cost me?

No matter where the destination is, whether you are an hour's drive from where you live or across the world, all these questions can and should be answered in a travel article about that destination.

Write travel articles – The Angle

Bali is a great destination for people looking for an exotic and tropical getaway. The best angle and audience for this story would be to target a group of people with special interests, such as couples, retirees or families, etc., as you have done.

Consider carefully the publications to which your article will be directed: when addressing an audience, you should always think of people who don't know anything about the subject.

Help the reader to escape

The second purpose of a travel article is to help people escape. to the destination you are writing about. Very often, people who do not intend to go anywhere read travel writing for the sole purpose of being transported somewhere for ten minutes. A good travel writing should take the reader somewhere just for the cover price of the newspaper or magazine.

This means that the most important aspect of your writing in a travel article is to show & # 39; The reader what they could expect.

What can the reader expect?

It is important when describing everything about what it is like to travel to Bali, visit the different parts of the island, swim on the beaches, dive, tour the countryside, visit the natural parks, visit the historical attractions of the areas, shop in the markets, stay in the resorts, visit the spas, eat in cafes and restaurants, stay in the accommodation, meet the locals, do things and see the attractions that make the destination unique: the sights, the sounds, smells, etc. .

If your writing contains these descriptions and lots of useful information for the potential traveler, when combined with quality photographs, your travel feature will come alive and be a very attractive purchase for an editor.

This is what I think will make good photographic illustrations.

The photos in the article would mainly illustrate the scenic aesthetics of each destination: beaches, coral reefs, etc. Other photos could include: accommodation, activities and tours (water sports, diving, etc.), local people, cultural images and restaurants (food).

I don't think this article necessarily has more interest in a publication with specialized readers. In saying that, there is potential interest for specialized publications that address features about island-style travel, Asian vacation destinations, or regional destinations for Australian travelers. I think the article would have general interest and would not be classified as regional interest only.