Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1st Post, who am I and what is FutureGPU.Org?

So who am I? See .

So its late on my 7th day ( Day 2 of Week 2 ) at my new gig at Intel in the Larrabee space and I have to admit I was missing blogging. My Flight Sim blog got me hooked.

Now I have my own piece of real estate on the web,, and am going to use it to post my thoughts and musings on things gpu, graphics, and gaming. Maybe not in that order, and maybe occassionally other topics as well. Who knows, maybe I will even get to the DirectX spaceship story.

No I will not talk about any Intel secrets. But I do have a rather unique perspective given my history in the industry and can share that without compromising what I know that isn't public knowledge.

And once things become public knowledge, then I can certainly talk about them. And there are lots of topics that are public. DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.0, various CPU and GPU roadmaps, speculation that is wrong about Larrabee - these are all fair game. :-).

Before I go, I have to say my 1st 7 days at Intel have impressed me already. This is an organization that is serious about engineering. For instance, the approach to meetings is just spot on, taught to everyone, and seems more intentionally organized than at Microsoft. From perusing other blogs, some feel that Intel values like "constructive confrontation" are not used with the same vigor as in the past, but I'll have to make my own observations. And so far the new location isn't as horrid as the switch from single office to cube might sound. Far from it. All in all a good start!



Great to hear that all is going good for you Phil..Best to you at your beginnings.....

Harleyman from the SOH forums...