Car Insurance Quotes – 16 Ways to Get Down

You have probably noticed that some people get lower car insurance quotes than you because they seem to have the same situation as yours. Here are 16 things you can do to lower your car insurance quotes.

first Shop Around

It's such a common sense that it should not be here. But life is hectic, makes people jump over it or not do well. What a company considers to be high risk, another seems to be a medium risk. The difference in price can be significant.

Each company asks you the same questions about your driving habits and where you live. But different companies can have another take on every answer you give. And that's why you're shopping around. Just make sure all car insurance quotes you get is for the same cover.

2nd Buy a Lower Risk Car

Insurance companies take your car into account when you get car insurance quotes. Makes sense. They group cars after risk. There are 20 different groups. Generally, the lower the risk they assign to your car group (ie the higher the rating), the lower the car insurance quote you will get.

Some car models are stolen more often than others, some have worse degrees of accidents than others; some are involved in more accidents than others (you are less likely to pull a Dodge Caravan than a Mustang).

3rd Consider getting only the minimum coverage required by law

The minimum coverage the law requires that you have is the cheapest. If you have an old car with little value back in it, you must get insurance covering the other car people, not your old clunker. If the value of your car is less than what it would cost you to cover it for a year, should you cover it?

4th Keep Your Credit Score High

An insurer, I know, assures me that there is a close relationship between credit score and the chances of you claiming a claim. That's why insurance companies rarely say these days on credit score to find out what kind of risk you are.

Whether you agree with him or not, know, the lower your credit score, the higher the car insurance you quote.

5th Buy Online

You can find lower car insurance quotes online these days. Many insurance companies offer discounts to buy online: they save money because you do not get a person involved (human animals require salaries). Plus, you save them on their phone bill.

6th Raise your deductible

This is easy to understand. The higher your deduction, the less you pay the insurance company. The less it pays, the lower the car insurance quote it can afford to have. Of course, if you make a claim, you pay more in your pocket.

7th Drive Less

The more you drive each month, the greater the chances of you coming in a car crash. At least you must not overestimate. Do not lie about them (it's either legal or good), but count them well.

8 thereof. Get a clean driving license

Car insurance quotes you get depends on this as well. The more they make you speed up, the higher the quotes etc. And that is because: Statistically, people with stolen driving licenses have more accidents than people with clean.

ninth Do not make small demands

People claim small things. You buy insurance to get protection from large expenses, expenses you can not or can not pay. For some people a $ 1,000 payment is a lot. But if you can do it, do it. Insurance companies raise your prizes if you claim.

10th Make sure your car's real value

If your car is worth $ 15,000, your insurance policy must cover $ 15,000. If you estimate your car value to $ 20,000 and it's worth $ 15,000, you'll only get $ 15,000 left if it's total. But you pay a higher prize. This does not make it clear that your car is in good condition if it is in average condition.

eleventh Reduce the number of additional drivers named on your policy

If you can. The more people cover, the higher the premium as the risk of getting a claim goes up.

12th Improve Your Car Safety

Most insurance companies will give you discount if you have car alarm if you park your car in a garage not on the street if you have a tracking device. The discount varies depending on the type of theft protection you have.

fourteenth Do not pay your premium in installment

When you pay your premium over several months, your insurance company will add a few dollars to each monthly bill. It can not be much every month, but there are 12 months a year, so it adds.

15th Move

Well, do not move just to lower your campaigns. But car insurance quotes are based on where you live, so next time you move, talk to your agent about the neighborhoods you are considering moving in. Vandalism and car tires are higher in some neighborhoods than in others.

16th Get good grades

If you are young, you will hear car insurance rates that are quite high. You can lower them by being a good student.

The more of the above you do, the lower the car insurance quote you get.

Source by Dan M. Kennedy

It pays to be unlocked! Escape Rooms: The Marketers & New Playground

One can think of being locked up is a thing of nightmare, well now it's new, cool. Featuring en-vogue industry events like the South By Southwest (SXSW) Conference, Escape Room is the attraction to make everyone speak. And it's not just the participants, because this beginner love for immersive experience also opens a door to innovative market opportunities.

What is a Escape Room? You can ask. Picture this – you are in a locked room. You have a few random tracks and you have no idea how to get out. You may think that this is just another plot of one of Saw movie franchises, but it's actually an attempt at a Escape Room experience. This "dill" involves a group of up to 12 players – depending on where you order – who will use physical and mental agility to unlock the door after moving from room to room that creeps cryptically. The catch? You only have 60 minutes to break free.

Of course, this is not a new concept, but after many years of virtual reality parading as the cool big brother in the world with immersive experiences, escape rooms have been safe in working through the experiential rows of Tag title legally wow & # 39 ;. Not surprisingly, sharp marketers have tracked this and now find innovative ways to maximize exposure to the experience.

Famous examples to date, Disney hosting includes a pop-up escape experience associated with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story . Escape Game in Austin Texas (USA's most popular escape experience) is taken over by FOX in time for the launch of a new series Prison Break, and HBO, which creates a multi-room installation theme around Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicon Valley . Smart.

Although this kind of marketing is not new in itself, what makes it successful is that the products are perfect with the experience and we know that consumers are more than ever forced to spend their money on & # 39; to do & instead; through traditional advertising methods; simply & # 39; watching & # 39 ;.

This trend can be linked to the world of video games and eSports. Marketers will start playing and then host the "real world" & # 39; experiences: events, competitions and interactions that complimented the game and made it tangible. This is where smart partnership and cooperation come in. The perfect partnership here will be based on a mutually beneficial commercial relationship where the flight company and IP (or copyright) owners work together to achieve maximum exposure and expand customer base win: win & # 39; arrangement.

Escape 60 in Brazil made a dazzling example of this in 2015 when they paired with Ubisoft, the creators of fantasy behemoth Assassin's Creed, to get ahead of the game and create an escape room orchestrated around the release of Assassin's Creed Syndicate. America's Escape Game, Marriott Vacations Worldwide and Vistana Signature Experiences also collaborated to bring worlds of hospitality and entertainment together, which is now increasing. Alex Reece, CEO of America's Escape Game, commented in an interview at the time (October 2016): "We see a very bright future to incorporate escape rooms run by America's Escape Game on more Vistana places in the coming months and years. No doubt that this powerful alliance will bring exploding aerobics experience to many enthusiasts around the world. "

Fast until 2017, and the same love for immersion drives many of the major market actions , we see today in the escape room. "I think that immersion makes it possible to be more personal and custom," said Joanna Scholl, vice president of marketing at HBO, as he quoted in an interview at this year's SXSW conference. When asked about HBO: The Escape she noted: "Every person feels himself as part of that experience, and it leaves much more a memorable note to them."

Ryan Coan founder of the Creative Riff agency, the experimental marketing specialists who were the creators of Prison Break the relocation room also commented in the same event: "Experience marketing is special because it's an engagement. There are some fans , who choose . Fans are so obsessive about this content, they are so in love with these figures and their stories that by letting them go into that story and feel that they are part of it – even for a moment – is a really special experience. "

Design and innovation are at the forefront of this smart marketing development, as each room can have a different theme or level of difficulty, where the tracks will also be theme about the topic of each room. The quality of the room must be excellent and the immersion factor in the foreground. The more participants feel that they are part of this space, the more a lasting impact the experience will have. This means that competition is tough and marketers must be sharper than ever to find the perfect "hook". Having said that, this marketing method does not seem to slow down, so take a look at the next aftermath of the aerobics experience that pops out of a screen near you soon!

Source by Farrah Francis

Mobile Billboard Trucks – A primer on mobile outdoor advertising

Mobile car trolleys, commonly referred to as mobile billboards, mobile cars, car trolleys, trolleys or mobile vehicles are typically a self-propelled vehicle based on a light commercial vehicle chassis equipped with a custom built, two or three-sided character frame. There are a number of character system designs, including tri-face and scrolling models that resemble modified box carts, and that support multiple advertisers. The most common style, however, is known as a static truck, which generally has two panels, each measuring approx. 22 & # 39; wide at 9 & # 39; – 10 & # 39; high. In recent years, the signature panels have evolved from paper posters to scrim reinforced heavy vinyl fabrics, and most recently to polyethylene that is said to be readily recycled.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America classifies mobile billboard trucks under the Transit category, which includes a number of non-traditional out-of-home media formats. Billboard trucks have a relatively new story, with some of the earliest mobile billboards that apparently emerge in New York City in the 1980s. Others have attributed their origins to Texas and Southern California. During a recent conference call among mobile billboard companies hosted and moderated by OAAA, which this writer participated in, several of the participants estimated that there were 500 or fewer mobile billboard wagons on the road in the United States.

Mobile billboards are used for a variety of advertising purposes. With their ability to drive almost anywhere, they are uniquely able to target a particular locality to promote the grand opening of a store or restaurant. Considering the current economic climate, the advancement of Retail Bankruptcies and Close-Out Sales seems to be a regular task for billboard wagons.

On a wider scale, several panel wagons have often been used simultaneously in a market or across multiple markets to promote the spread of a new consumer product or, as of October 2008, to promote the Obama-Biden Presidential campaign in a handful of state where the polls showed that it was a tight run. There have even been a few cases on both B to B and B to C ad campaigns where two trucks have driven tandem with a two-way message.

Like any good advertising announcement, the creative element is crucial for capturing public attention and making it act on the message. With outdoor advertising in general, advertisers are encouraged to follow the saying, "a picture is a thousand words" and highlights their logo and an illustration that represents the message's theme, followed by a clear call to action and a way to contact the advertiser. . In fact, it is the last element that has constantly evolved. Years ago, advertisers were largely limited to a "800" number, while the creative in recent years also had a URL that customers could visit for their convenience to learn more about the company and its products before A purchase decision was made. Most recently, with the dynamic growth of Social Media, we have begun to notice advertisers who emphasize their presence on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other platforms.

Since 1999, Guerrilla Billboards has conducted advertising campaigns for our customers. From the streets of New York City to southern southern California, our mobile car trolleys have served a large number of organizations – from big Fortune 500 companies to relatively small grassroots organizations like a fan club protesting on the decision from a major television network to cancel members favorite show about a vampire.

Over the last decade, we have consistently found that successful advertising agencies for advertising ads are the result of the following key features:

  1. First and foremost by who and where the target audience is. Is it a general branding campaign or a focused campaign like a Grand Opening? Typically, the client will have solid demographic data regarding the so-called Life Pattern attributes of his customer base. Several years ago, we ran an employee recruitment campaign for a major biotech company in the Boston area. Considering the suburbs of the company, they placed us in operation during the AM and PM rush hours along one of the highly-traveled commuters from southern New Hampshire to Kendall Square in Cambridge, where many of their competitors have offices. In this case, the primary theme is that our customer's ad was promoting its comfortable suburban landscape.
  2. Second, the advertisement must not overwhelm. The target audience generally has a very short time to process the message. As mentioned, let the company's logos and / or photos make the most of the heavy lift. Large examples of this strategy are exhibited by the wide range of outdoor ads run by McDonald's Corp., which has amazing photographs of the restaurant chain of different products and very limited text.
  3. Mobile billboard trucks are about flexibility. If a retail campaign site needs additional help pumping its sales, it's very easy to rearrange the truck to spend more time in a particular trading area.
  4. Correct veterinarian your seller. Lowest price is not always best. Unfortunately, there are a number of mobile billboard operators who pay their drivers "under the table" to save money on tax pay and employee compensation insurance. Make sure your suppliers are fully insured. As an agency or brand, you do not wish to receive a call from IRS demanding payment of back taxes.
  5. Continue with this theme, take a look at the supplier's trucks. Do they look or are they clean and well-kept? Security is very important and it is your brand's image and reputation at stake.
  6. Proof of performance is given. In these days with ROI metrics, the customer wants to know that the truck works when and where it should be. While customers often receive feedback from customers and employees who indicate when and where they have seen the truck, we provide a selection of so-called proof of performance images taken daily during the campaign at different locations along the route – and often ahead of competitors' locations. Depending on the length of the campaign, these can be delivered in batches during an expanded campaign. We also provide our customers with output from the internet-based GPS tracking systems in our trucks, which are further supported by driver's books.

In conclusion, the key figures for a mobile billboard car are its incredible flexibility from both a daily and a geographical perspective to target Life Pattern attributes for a customer's desired demographic. Mobile billboards create and enhance awareness and drive outlook for data-rich media – whether it's print, Web 1.0 or increasingly Web 2.0 Social Media platforms. With the continued fragmentation of other media, especially traditional-supported terrestrial radio combined with consumers' increased time-out of homes every day, a mobile board, if submitted with appropriate creativity, as well as properly planned and routed advertisers with an extremely effective medium to boost messages from other media.

Source by Andrew P Erickson

How To Find Cheap Travel Deals On The Internet

There are several good and reliable travel sites on the internet where you can find great deals and save big money on your next vacation. But getting the best deals is not always as easy as we think. Although there are hundreds of travel sites out there, it is not always easy to get a good purchase.

Some of the known places I've used without problems are: Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Cheap Tickets, Ebookers and Last Minute.

Still finding a good deal within these sites is not straightforward, a job must be done to find gold as they are easy to use and great places as these brands above and other companies have.

One of the activities that should not be missed compares your travel plan to the places you want because no one has the best prices for all routes, always. Each has its own offers and when someone has a good purchase on a particular route, the others usually do not have the same special price.

To do this job, there are some websites comparing these popular travel sites for the desired choice and after scoring the lowest fare, you can always go back to the lowest fare to review the terms and make the purchase if you wishes.

Larger airlines often have special offers that are not published through travel sites so you can look at the airline sites that travel to your chosen destination and give you surprisingly good fares for your flight.

Regardless of which website or sites you choose to search for your travel information, remember the following tips when planning your next vacation.

Book as advanced as possible. Airlines' fares are rising as departure times are approaching.

Try to arrive and depart in a midweek day. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

If you have flexible dates, the chances of getting a bargain will increase. Sometimes a trade show or a special event will make the city to your destination very expensive for a given week, while a few days later or earlier prices could fall sharply.

For obvious reasons, avoid vacation. It is virtually impossible to find a bargain during the holidays, even more, airlines increase prices for the holidays.

If you travel for Christmas, Christmas Day is obviously cheaper than the day before. The same goes for Thanksgiving and other crowded holidays.

Try using multiple sites to investigate your travel information, and then you will identify the most appropriate website for your needs.

When traveling to Europe from the United States, try to get to a big city like London, then use the local cheap airline companies to travel around Europe.

When you book a hotel, use Expedia or Travelocity to view the pictures and location of the hotel, even if you book later on another site with a better price.

Use as many places as necessary to order different parts of your vacation if you get the best price in each of them.

When you have chosen a flight or hotel on any travel page, enter directly on airline and hotel websites and compare prices.

Verify that the site you purchase is good reputation and uses SSL encryption when you pay online with a credit card.

Once you have received the confirmation code from the travel page where you purchased, send it directly to the hotel and / or the airline and confirm that they received your reservation exactly as you purchased.

The following tips give you the lowest fares on the internet and will help prevent discomfort when you travel.

Source by Laurent Mikhail

Real Ways to Burn Fat

In today's society, people often occupy ways of losing weight. From the birth phase we undermine thousands of ways to lose weight, look thinner and let's not forget to get healthier. I'm here to tell you that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment pills that can be dangerous for one's health or even shakes and other drinks that just never seem to get the job done. If you follow this guide, you have no doubt a stronger body in no time.

The first secret of burning fat is no secret at all. It's cardio. You did it as a child instinctively, and unless you were like me who hated running around like a child, you did it in your gym class. A common misconception about cardio is that it is difficult. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's not always hard if you know what you're doing.

Swimming is definitely one of the best cardio exercises available. Swimming is generally a very cheap method because public pools are easily accessible. If you can not swim, no problem! Just doing general aerobics in low water will make you lose weight in no time. The resistance caused by the water gives excellent training. Remember, the point in cardio is to raise your heartbeat. Start working slowly and gradually increase the exercise as you feel necessary. Do not worry about hurrying in fast and quick exercises. If you do, you can get short unwanted results, but more importantly, you will not hurt yourself.

Another sure fire way to burn fat is a follow up of your cardio with a little workout. When people hear the phrase lifting weights, they often think of large voluminous weightlifters, which you often watch the television or magazines to get a big body. But by changing the weight of the weights you lift, you can achieve fat burning you've always wanted.

Now it's normal to think, the heavier the weight, the more fat is lost properly? Now you're wrong! Although enough weights are used for your exercise, it is more important how much you do them. Lifting weights in higher amounts will increase your metabolism much more than low repetitions of heavier weights.

If you follow these directions and follow up with your cardiovascular workout with a little weightlifting regularly, you achieve the body will have. I said this before and I say it again, consistent exercise is the key. Do not attempt to overload your body for quick results. This will likely cause physical damage. If you exercise regularly and regularly, your body will quickly change to a fat combustion machine. Enjoy the information and use it well, because you can not lose weight if you do not do the exercise!

Source by Thomas Nichols

Guidelines for Booking an Airport Taxi

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, is an important consideration for any trip to and from the airport. While there are many airport transfer options, one of the more popular choices is to take a taxi. While taxi transport is very convenient and often the most cost effective option, it can also be your worst nightmare with the wrong company or inadequate planning (you've probably heard a story about someone being "taken on tour" or missing their plane due to a missed taxi pickup). By following a few guidelines, however, you can ensure successful taxi travels and a happy beggar and end to any trip.

Your first consideration in your trip is to decide which taxi company to use. For airport transfers, it is always best to use an airport taxi service. This is a company that specializes in airport transportation and understands the processes involved in pick-up and drop-off passengers at the airport. Airport taxi companies typically have the word "airport taxi" in the company name. If you travel in an unknown city or do not often take taxis, it's always best to do some research or ask for advice on what taxi company will use. Some simple studies can be done in just a few minutes by making a quick Google search and then reading some reviews of a potential taxi company. If you know someone who travels frequently, give them a quick call to see what taxicab service they are using. If you stay at a hotel, ask the receptionist. It is recommended that you always use a company that gives you a fixed rate for your airport transfer. A fixed rate ensures that you pay the same price regardless of traffic conditions and which route the driver takes.

The next consideration is the pickup time. It is recommended to book your taxi at least 12 hours in advance to ensure availability. When you go to the airport, always consider the travel time, including traffic and weather considerations as well as the check-in time of the airport. When picked up at the airport, you plan the pickup 10-20 minutes after your expected arrival time depending on whether you have checked bags. It is recommended to call the company correctly when you land and before collecting your luggage. When calling country, you can not only confirm that your trip is scheduled but also informs the driver of your expected arrival time in the pick-up area. Many drivers do not come to the pickup area before they have heard from the customer as many airports limit the time a driver can wait in the pick-up area. In case of a flight delay, call the company to inform them of the delay and the new expected arrival time to ensure availability at this new time.

Taxi transport can make or ruin your satisfaction with any trip. By following these simple guidelines, you can improve your chances of receiving reliable, high quality, cost-effective airport taxi transportation and ensure a good start and end on your journey.

Source by Terrance P Green

4 best ways to prevent a burglary in your home

Burglary can be defined as an illegal entry of a building to commit a crime or theft. It can also be defined as the use of power to enter a building for the purpose of committing a crime or theft. Burglary can be classified as follows:

1. Illegal entry without force but for the purpose of committing theft

2. Commitment to commit a crime or theft

3. Tried Intruder Attack

It's quite shocking to know that a burglary is committed every 14 seconds. It estimates 2, 329, 9501 annual burglars nationwide with an annual loss of approx. 3.1 billion Burglary produces an average loss of $ 1675 per Event. It's equally shocking and scary to know that thefts with good skills and technology know-how can break into a home within minutes.

The best way to avoid burglary in your home to ensure your home is anti-theft and you should also be aware. Here are the 4 best ways to prevent burglary:

o If you have a glass door, secure it with a rod in the inner track. Burglars will generally try to get into your house invisibly, and they tend to favor sliding glass doors, as many people forget to lock them. Be sure to lock all sliding doors and windows.

o The best advantage for a burglary is stealth. You can avoid that burglars use regular crops of bushes and bushes around your home.

o Some people have the habit of leaving their keys over the door frame or under door mat or flower pot. Avoid this as the thief also knows about these common hiding places, and you leave an open invitation to him by storing your keys in these places. You can always leave a key key with a neighbor, friend or relative.

o The safest way is to arm your house with a security system. Make a habit of setting the timer every day, even if it is only a few minutes.

Source by Pauline Go

Top Causes of Car Accidents

Experts state that the main causes of car accidents are driving directions. Dangerous distractions that can lead to an accident include mobile phones and other gadgets that drivers use when driving. Mobile phones, laptops, electric shavers, etc. Causes drivers to take their eyes off the road in seconds at a time with the potential to cause a serious, if not deadly accident. In response, some states in the US have banned the use of handheld mobile phones while people are driving. The alternative is to use a hands-free earpiece that's easy and comfortable, enabling a driver to make a call without redirect.

Another dangerous distraction is when a driver who has drunk and then tries to drive. The effects of alcohol can raise chaos over time. Anyone with an alcohol level of 0.001 is considered unsuitable to drive. The effects of driving during the drunkenness include drowsiness, loss of focus and inability to judge distances and reaction times.

Rubber neckline and tailgating are other potentially dangerous habits that many exercise while driving. Rubber necking occurs when drivers lower to see another accident on the road or something that looks unusual on the highway. When a driver lowers a car too fast, the driver in the car often has not enough time to brake or stop and run into the rear of the vehicle. Bag collisions can lead to serious injuries. The same goes for tailgating, as a driver who follows a car too close may not have enough distance to stop suddenly and the potential for a serious accident is prominent.

A driver's behavior causes many accidents; Still others are caused by mechanical failure or road conditions. There are technical solutions available to help with these problems and have contributed to a decrease in deaths due to car crashes. They include trailer monitors that allow a driver to know how close they are to the vehicle in front of accuracy detectors that measure the amount of alcohol that a driver has consumed and driving monitors that warns a driver when his or her car is driving too far to one side of the road or the other.

Source by Eric Morris

Golf Travel Bags – Choose wisely to protect your investments

Are you planning a golfing vacation? Do not forget to protect your golf clubs by choosing the right golf travel bag. How do you choose the golf travel bag that suits you? Let's look at three different styles quickly to help you make the right choice.

Remember to choose the right golf travel bag is not just about the bag itself. Golfers who plan a golf break or just seek protection on short golf trips should ask themselves a few questions before they buy.

What is your budget for a golf travel box?

Do you often travel with your golf clubs?

Do your golf trips mainly with air travel or auto travel?

With these questions in mind, let's look at the different styles of golf travel boxes and the benefits and negatives that each offers.

Hybrid Travel Bags

These types of travel bags are mainly a golf bag with a hard top for protecting your clubs. Unlike other styles, hybrids do not protect your daily golf bag.

Hybrids help golfers with space constraints. They require less space than other models and also weigh less.

However, hybrid golf travel bags are not your golf bag. Therefore, you need to unpack and pack all your golf equipment every time you travel. These types of bags are also not the best choice for airline.

For golfers who travel more often with a car and have an extra set of golf clubs, hybrid golf travel bags are a good choice.

Golfers can pick up a hybrid golf travel bag for as little as $ 60 with the top of the line bags of around $ 230.

Soft Golf Travel Bags

19659002] Think about this style with travel bags as a soft padded glove that covers your daily golf bag and clubs. These bags usually come with a rigid bottom and wheels to help golfers to transport them from place to place.

If you love to wear a lot of golf equipment on your travels, soft cases can be the right choice for you. You can travel with your daily bag and put it with your other equipment and golf accessories. These travel bags also easily break down and occupy less storage space than hard bags.

Some of the negatives associated with soft-style golf travel bags are mobility and protection. Soft bags do not usually roll as hard as hard cases. Also, these bags do not offer the same protection as hard cases. Your club heads are particularly vulnerable in a soft bag.

If you choose a travel bag in soft style, I strongly recommend that you take a Stiff Arm accessory. This will protect your club heads in case of direct impact on the top of your bag.

The best soft bags can cost anywhere from $ 120 to $ 300.

Hard Case Golf Travel Bags

This style of travel bag includes your bag and the club. They provide the highest level of protection, but do not have room for the golf package.

Hard cases are a good choice for golfers who travel by plane to most golf vacations. This style gives the most protection and highest security for your golf clubs. Unlike other types of golf travel boxes, airlines often cover any damage that occurs when your clubs are in a hard suitcase suitcase.

Hard cases occupy more space than other styles when it comes to storage. They also do not hold all your golf equipment. For golfers who plan more trips by car, hard cases may not give as much sense as hybrids or soft covers.

Hard case golf travel bags average $ 130 with the top of the line drawer costs around $ 300.

Now that you have a little more insight into golf travel bags, you will be able to choose the right bag for your golf trip and golf vacations. Remember to think about the type and frequency of your golf trip, how much protection you need for your golf clubs and what kind of budget you have for a golf travel box.

Choose wisely. Protect your investment. And most of all, enjoy your golf vacation!

Copyright 2005 Evans Putman – All Rights Reserved. Reprints allowed see below.

Source by Evans Putman

The benefits of laptop and projector rental in travel

The salesperson travels the country and the world to bring their products to markets that would otherwise be missed. One of the most effective sales tools in today's market is the laptop and a projector. The seller can prepare their product presentation in advance and bring with them a state-of-the-art sales tool that will wow most new clients. The use of these tools has now become the norm, not the exception, and customers have grown to expect to use technology from any outside sales person. In order for this presentation method to be effective, they must bring a wide range of items, which usually include expensive and heavy equipment that adds to an already difficult trip. Not only do they pack laptops, files, cords and projectors, they carry their own personal stuff like luggage or coats.

Business travel does not have to include dragging mountain ranges from city to city to simply present your clients. Laptop and projector rentals have found their way in the direction of an effective sales presentation and allow the busy executive to meet the presentation without further hassle. It also allows them to try different products without having to spend thousands of dollars to find out that you would have bought something else.
Rental is available in most major cities and can be arranged in advance by simply buying the internet, finding the rental point near your client and renting the equipment during the week or the month. Most rental locations have all the hassle of management needs, from laptops and projectors to printers and copiers.

Whether you need the equipment for a week or a month, it's advisable to leave your device behind and carry all you need on a USB flash drive that fits your pocket. Many of these now contain more gigabyte information and can be recorded in an infinite amount of times. For your next trip, rent the necessary equipment, your back will thank for it.

Source by Samantha Black