Holiday homes: a great choice for youth sports teams

If your sports team is heading to a great tournament, you have undoubtedly been asked where to stay. You may have already taken the hotel / motel route before. And one thing you have learned is that it is not the cheapest way to do it. The rates are very high and reservations are almost impossible with groups of preteens or teenagers. It's the same with meals: a team of teenagers in a hotel can quickly consume their travel budget. It is rare to find a hotel that has an outdoor kitchen or barbecue, where you can prepare cheap homemade meals. And after a hard day of competition, you really don't want to share a relaxing spa or pool with strangers. It is not surprising that so many youth sports teams choose to stay in a vacation home.

Near youth sports venues

Vacation homes are often as conveniently located in today's popular sports venues as hotels and motels. Many are also minutes away from popular resorts like Disneyland, Knott & # 39; s Berry Farm, Anaheim Convention Center, water parks, the fabulous beaches of Orange County and other attractions. Most of the houses are close to public transport or vans and buses operated by sports facilities and holiday destinations.

The appearance of a home

Holiday homes feel like a real home, not like an impersonal hotel or motel. Youth groups and sports teams have discovered that these homes can be more welcoming for preteens and teenagers. Where else can you stay that offers rooms for children / bunk beds, two or more bunk beds and double nests? These "team" accommodations allow many children to share the same room. Some houses even have four rooms, which can accommodate up to 16 children / teenagers. Some of these houses have a sofa bed located in the family room to sleep two more children.

Never a dull moment for children, teenagers and companions

Holiday homes are fully equipped to keep children, teenagers and companions entertained. After a hard day of sports competition, everyone needs a break. That's why these homes have smart TVs, fun-filled gaming systems such as X-Box, DVD players, Netflix, table football and extensive Wi-Fi access for smartphones, laptops and tablets. These connectivity options offer the perfect combination of information and entertainment for everyone.

Barbecues, Pools and Spas

Children, teenagers and especially chaperones need to take a break from the rigors of competition. Holiday homes allow sports teams to do exactly that, in a way that cannot be done in a hotel or motel. They allow you to prepare hot dogs, hamburgers and other fun meals outdoors on a barbecue in a private patio. Forget about waiting for strangers to finish (or clean) your barbecue. Or having to share an outdoor area with strange hotel / motel guests. Holiday homes almost always have a spacious outdoor dining area equipped with tables, chairs and many comfortable seats. Many houses also have private, private pools and a spa or hot tub, for the exclusive use of their equipment.

Healthy and cheap meals

Hotels and motels often offer limited meal menus that can be quite expensive when feeding a group of preteens or teenagers. Holiday homes, on the other hand, allow you to prepare healthy meals that fit your team's health and taste preferences. The houses have fully equipped kitchens that include stainless steel appliances (microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and double oven), granite counters and large breakfast bars. Each kitchen is also fully equipped with baking utensils, pots, pans, plates, kitchen utensils, cutlery, even kitchen and paper towels.

Affordable cleaning services

Youth teams can be tough with uniforms and other garments during a competition. Hotel and motel laundry services are often prohibitively expensive for sports and youth groups. Holiday homes include a washer and dryer to clean clothes quickly and economically. Cleaning after sports teams is not an easy task, but thanks to the cleaning services available, chaperones can take a break after a day of sporting competition.