Fun activities during your vacation in Mauritius

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous vacation, look no further. Try Mauritius Holidays in Mauritius will offer you everything you need to make your stay overwhelming. From adventure sports, water sports, endless sandy beaches from where you can admire the ocean, etc., this small island has it all. If you are here primarily for physical activities, check below some that you might enjoy.

Mountain bike

The Black River district has the most impressive landscapes you can imagine. A little walk through Chamarel can be a very pleasant experience. Don't forget to bring your camera so you can show your friends what they lack.


This extreme sport is a bit new on the island, with only one company offering this dangerous but impressive activity. You can enjoy skydiving at any time during the year in Mauritius considering that the weather is pleasant. Even if this sport has very high risks, everything is prepared in case of accidents. So far there have been no major accidents in Mauritius when it comes to skydiving.


This can be really fun if you want to explore the hidden beauty of the island. Trekking is almost a necessity for all who visit the island, with nature and mountains around the island. One of the most visited trekking areas is the Black River Gorges National Park. You will find people there almost every day. No wonder why. This activity will be fun and pleasant for nature lovers.