Things to do and places to stay when traveling to Ecuador

Visitors traveling to Ecuador have a number of amazing things to do. From outdoor activities to staying in a luxury hotel, traveling to Ecuador means that visitors will never get bored while in the country. If you are considering booking a trip to this South American country, get more information about what you can expect when you land at the airport.

Travel to Ecuador to swim with an incredible marine life

The underwater worlds of Galapagos will probably surprise and inspire you. You will see marine life such as sea lions, sea turtles, rays, groupers, sharks and even penguins. If you've never dived before, don't worry. The country has several professional diving schools and tour guides that will teach beginners how to handle diving equipment to ensure they make the most of their time underwater. If visiting the sea above the sea is more your style, consider taking a cruise to look for whales, sharks, sea lions and other types of marine life.

Enjoy a luxury getaway in a beautiful hotel

Travel enthusiasts to Ecuador have a number of luxury hotels to choose from. These hotels are usually located on the coast or in larger cities like Quito. If you plan to stay in Quito, consider a stay at Hacienda Rumiloma or at the Boutique Hotel Plaza Grande. At the Boutique Hotel Plaza Grande in Quito, guests can expect to take a look at the president of the country or stay in the presidential suite. The hotel is located in the former Majestic Hotel and there are only 15 suites, so a personalized service is guaranteed. Another hotel in Quito, Hacienda Rumiloma, is owned and operated by the Oswaldo family. It is known that the family in Quito is committed to sustainable tourism and, therefore, they employ the locals to take care of everything from soap manufacturing to hotel services.

Experience the outdoors on horseback

Outdoor opportunities are everywhere for travel enthusiasts to Ecuador. The country offers a sport for almost everyone, such as cycling, horse riding, trekking and rafting. Horseback riding, for example, can last a day or a week or more, which gives passengers the opportunity to really explore the country. Whether you are an experienced rider or the first time you ride a horse, horse tour guides can help you choose a horse with the right temperament for you. You will experience ancient volcanoes, beautiful landscapes and the opportunity to visit & # 39; Half of the World & # 39 ;, the line that divides the northern and southern hemispheres.

The opportunity to travel to Ecuador can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether you are interested in staying in luxury accommodation, on an incredible diving trip through the Galapagos Islands to see sea turtles or even whales, or a horse ride to the mountains and ancient volcanoes, enthusiasts of trips to Ecuador You can experience everything in this diverse country.

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