The 5 most popular sports in Ireland include old Gaelic games

Ireland has a fantastic sporting heritage and enthusiasm for all sports abounds throughout the country, from junior and amateur levels to international professionals. The five most popular sports in Ireland Gaelic football, throwing, soccer and horse racing are sports for spectators and participants and let's not forget that golf is very sociable activities in Ireland that bring people together, whether joining a club or team or just look in the pub. As such, an Ireland Sports Tour to attend sporting events or compete as a team can be a great way to see the country and meet people while enjoying your favorite sport. In addition to great support for major European sports such as football, rugby and golf, Ireland has many of its own sports that are fanatically followed and have begun to grow internationally thanks to large Irish expatriate communities throughout the world.

Gaelic football

The most popular sport in Ireland is Gaelic football, which has more in common with rugby or Australian football than association football. Normally played by teams of 15 in two halves of approximately 30 minutes on a large grass field, the goal is to score more points than the other team. The points are scored by kicking or hitting the ball on the goal crossbar in H or inside the net. Gaelic football matches can attract great passionate support, especially at the higher levels. No sports tour of Ireland would be complete without seeing one for yourself.

Hurling – another ancient Gaelic sport

The second most popular sport in Ireland is throwing, an ancient sport also of Gaelic origin, and shares many of the characteristics of Gaelic football. Played in the same field, with the same objectives, number of players and scoring system, the difference is in the way of playing. Players use a flattened wooden stick with a curved end, known as hurley, to hit the sliotar, a small leather ball similar to a baseball, and try to score points for their team. Good players can launch the sliotar at great speeds over huge distances. As such, injuries are not uncommon, but launching is still a popular and intensely exciting sport to watch or play, and another must-see for any Irish sports tour.

Golf in Ireland

For those who prefer quieter sports and hobbies, Ireland has a lot to offer golf fans. Although traditionally associated with Scotland, Ireland has a rich history of golf and many of its courses have been played for hundreds of years. The quieter pace of golf allows those on an Ireland Sports Tour a more leisurely opportunity to meet and socialize with local players while enjoying the picturesque scenery of one of the Emerald Islands many fantastic links and, of course, a visit to the clubhouse to play out in the "19th hole!"


Despite being in the shadow of the more traditional Gaelic sports, the world's most popular sport thrives in Ireland and football, association football or simply football fans can always find something to keep them busy, particularly in the cities While the media mainly focuses on the Scottish and English leagues, there are many competitive teams in Ireland and it is worth participating in a match if you are there in the season, as the Irish provide the same vociferous support and enthusiasm. soccer as to any of his other hobbies.

Horse racing

Of course, there are many other sports and events in Ireland, such as horse racing, although horse racing is not something that can be challenged as a team, it can be enjoyed as a spectator. However, no matter what your particular game is, it is a chance bet that an Ireland Sports Tour meets the requirements and you will find it fun and enjoyable. Ireland is a popular destination for all kinds of sports enthusiasts; The people are welcoming and friendly, and are often pleased to organize friendly meetings for those on sports tours. This can be a great way to meet the local Irish, mixing with the natives while toasting for victory or crying defeat with their new friends in the pub or clubhouse.

Travel tips to play as a team or spectators

If you are a sports fan, a team member, a sports coach or a group leader, look for a reputable company to handle your tour arrangements and sports travel vacations in Ireland. Whether you want to go to Ireland as a spectator or make arrangements for your sports team to go to Ireland and challenge the Irish, it is important to work with the best because of the logistics involved in sporting events and games.