Writing travel articles: a case study

Write travel articles that are published

To write a successful travel article that has a good chance of being published, you must do several things in addition to writing the article. Above all, you should consider how the angles you take with it may be affected by the publications you would like to present it to, and who your target market may be.

The concept of travel article

Here is my idea for a 800-1500 word travel feature

I propose an article of 800 to 1500 words about extension destinations when I travel to Bali. An advisory function & # 39; defining several additional places for a holiday in Bali. Destinations would include the island of Lombok, the island of Nusa Lembongan and the Gilis Islands group.

For each destination, discuss: is it a day trip or a long stay? What does the location offer travelers: activities, types of accommodation, dining options, transportation options, spa and wellness facilities? What are the specific points of interest for each location? Look at Fishing, diving and snorkeling, natural parks, eco-excursions, water sports, etc. For each island option.

Discuss the cultural aspects of the destinations and briefly address any items of historical importance. Briefly address the ecological aspects of the various islands: the impact of tourism. Advise on how to get to each destination: options available by sea or air, costs and travel deadlines.

Sidebars and output boxes for the item would include:

  1. The best accommodation options in budget, medium and luxury categories for each destination.
  2. Tours and activities available in each place.
  3. Gastronomic activities and nightlife for each destination.

The purpose

Travel items serve two main purposes. The first is that they provide useful and practical information for the reader. People read travel articles because they want to know if they should visit a destination.

The main questions (among hundreds) that want to be answered are: Why should I go there? What are the attractions? nature, shopping, sports, culture, etc. How do I get there? How are the people? Where should I stay? When should i go? How much is it going to cost me?

No matter where the destination is, whether you are an hour's drive from where you live or across the world, all these questions can and should be answered in a travel article about that destination.

Write travel articles – The Angle

Bali is a great destination for people looking for an exotic and tropical getaway. The best angle and audience for this story would be to target a group of people with special interests, such as couples, retirees or families, etc., as you have done.

Consider carefully the publications to which your article will be directed: when addressing an audience, you should always think of people who don't know anything about the subject.

Help the reader to escape

The second purpose of a travel article is to help people escape. to the destination you are writing about. Very often, people who do not intend to go anywhere read travel writing for the sole purpose of being transported somewhere for ten minutes. A good travel writing should take the reader somewhere just for the cover price of the newspaper or magazine.

This means that the most important aspect of your writing in a travel article is to show & # 39; The reader what they could expect.

What can the reader expect?

It is important when describing everything about what it is like to travel to Bali, visit the different parts of the island, swim on the beaches, dive, tour the countryside, visit the natural parks, visit the historical attractions of the areas, shop in the markets, stay in the resorts, visit the spas, eat in cafes and restaurants, stay in the accommodation, meet the locals, do things and see the attractions that make the destination unique: the sights, the sounds, smells, etc. .

If your writing contains these descriptions and lots of useful information for the potential traveler, when combined with quality photographs, your travel feature will come alive and be a very attractive purchase for an editor.

This is what I think will make good photographic illustrations.

The photos in the article would mainly illustrate the scenic aesthetics of each destination: beaches, coral reefs, etc. Other photos could include: accommodation, activities and tours (water sports, diving, etc.), local people, cultural images and restaurants (food).

I don't think this article necessarily has more interest in a publication with specialized readers. In saying that, there is potential interest for specialized publications that address features about island-style travel, Asian vacation destinations, or regional destinations for Australian travelers. I think the article would have general interest and would not be classified as regional interest only.