Adventure – The name of the game

Traveling for adventure is very common among many people. Now, what exactly is understood by adventure? According to tourism experts, there are mainly three different aspects of adventure travel: a cultural shock, which means that people have to do something outside their "comfort zone" and this can include anything from adapting to a different kind […]

The history of water sports.

Swimming is observed in many of the classics in relation to heroism and religion. The Nicolas Wynman Dialogue on the art of swimming (1538) is the first written document recorded on swimming methods. Swimming first appeared at the Olympic Games in 1896, in parallel to the development of the pool. Swimming in the English Channel […]

The sport-oriented school trip

Organizing a sport-oriented school trip can offer your students a unique opportunity to combine their sports interests with cultural studies. How? Some types of school trips conventionally involve taking students to places like museums, art galleries and archeological sites. Great value can be found in that form of travel, provided that most students have interests […]

Cyprus Airways allows free transport of sports equipment

Cyprus's national airline, Cyprus Airways, has reduced its previous charge of EUR35 for carrying sports equipment on flights. After the change, any sports equipment of less than 15 kg will be transported free of charge. The measure was well received by Cypriot tourism organizations, and was acclaimed as a means to boost sports tourism in […]

Become familiar with the golf sport complex

Golf has been a thriving sport for hundreds of years and is one of the favorite hobbies among those who want to have fun but, at the same time, relax and not sweat and exercise unlike other sports related to the ball. However, golf is a sport that requires a lot of practice and also […]

India Travel – Adventure Tour

India is one of the favorite destinations in the world for adventure travel and tourism. It attracts adventure enthusiasts and travelers from around the world with a wealth of adventure sports activities, from trekking on the white and icy expanse of the majestic Himalayas to rafting in charlatan and charming waters of Ganga and its […]

Great places to practice kitesurf

As with any sport, sometimes you must travel to different places to experience a different culture and practice the most popular sport. Current conditions and water depths, as well as different land and water formations, make traveling the world exciting while venturing abroad. Different continents and countries offer new and exciting opportunities to improve your […]

Eastern Cape Travel, South Africa

East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa is one of the most beautiful destinations in South Africa, in addition to being a holiday destination, it is also a region that enjoys a wonderful commitment to growth, here is a small story that could attract you to travel to this sunny region If you are interested in […]