Cambridge pubs with Sky Sports

If you visit the United Kingdom, one thing you should try is to watch a Premier League football game. Soccer (or football, as it is sometimes called abroad) is our national sport and most towns and cities come alive on the weekend when thousands gather to support their local team. It is unlikely these days […]

Golf vacations in Spain

Spain is a firm favorite among golf enthusiasts and attracts thousands of golfers every year. Whatever your disability, Spain is one of the best places to practice your sport for many reasons; Spain offers a long golf season due to its excellent weather conditions, there are more than 300 courses with 16 rustic courses, traveling […]

Sports tourism: what it is

Sports tourism is explained here. Do you love the idea of ​​following your soccer heroes to exotic destinations around the world as they fight to take over the World Cup? This is where sports tourism comes in. This concept is not new. Since time immemorial, people have been following their favorite athletes around the world, […]

What is the position in holiday sports and insurance?

Many people worry if their insurance will cover them while on vacation. There is, of course, something called & # 39; holiday insurance & # 39;. That usually covers you for things like theft of your luggage, flight delay, etc. However, the area of ​​accidents and personal illnesses is complex and deserves a little more […]

Florida Travel Guide

Florida vacations are particularly popular among families that have children of all ages. From hostels and hotels for families to luxury penthouses, Florida offers first class accommodation for all tastes. When it comes to dining out, visitors will have many options with restaurants for all budgets and palettes, from seafood restaurants to romantic outdoor dinners […]

Sport in Buenos Aires

Soccer is undoubtedly the passion and the number one sport in Buenos Aires and, in fact, throughout Argentina. Buenos Aires has the most football teams in any city in the world. Only the 24 professional football teams in the capital highlight how much football has control over the country. The most famous rivalry is between […]


The last nail has just been put in the coffin. An indicator that tracks the state of health of the Bitcoin Mining Ecosystem (BTC) has recently appeared for the first time since volatility, which was recorded for the first time in a year. Related reading: Open interest in bitcoins can fuel fuel for explosive traffic […]

Upcoming sporting events in Malaga

From March 20 to 21 will take place the trophy of his majesty the King in Malaga. It is organized every year by the Royal Mediterranean Club and is the oldest sailing event held in Spain. The main developments in 2010 include the Spanish Golf Open to be held in Seville at the end of […]