Whistler, Canada has snow and winter sports

When there is no snow anywhere else, Whistler has it and this year a gondola will open from peak to peak in December. The exact location of this exciting opening is at Whistler Blackcomb Resort.

Anyone who has visited Whistler knows what this means and if they have not visited the area, they will want to include it in their list for the best winter sports area. This new attraction will give skiers and snowboards access to at least 8,000 acres of fun in both mountains. They will have 28 gondolas that will move at least 2,000 people per hour in both directions, so this will not be an experience that only a few can experience, it will accommodate almost anyone who wants to go.

When you arrive in Whistler, you can play in the snow all day and play in hotels and resorts throughout the night, you can have trouble or go luxury. This is an area where couples go on a honeymoon when they have winter weddings, it is pristine and romantic. This is also an area that families love to come and spend family time, there is something for everyone and most resorts and hotels cater to children and their fun and needs.

You can contact your travel agent from the personal website to get special offers on their website that include Whistler, this will make your trip very affordable since special offers include hotel and plane accommodation at really reduced rates. This makes planning a trip so easy, since you can make all the arrangements for yourself and simply pack your bags and go.

Do not want to transport all your winter sports equipment, no problem, rental places are available throughout Whistler, with all kinds of selections and equipment like the ones you have at home, you can again book your favorite sports equipment before leaving home, make sure you have what you like and what you are used to.

Plan your winter sports vacation in Whistler now, you will not be disappointed; It is truly a winter paradise with absolutely perfect snow. Make your reservation now and we will see you on the mountain (s).