What is the position in holiday sports and insurance?

Many people worry if their insurance will cover them while on vacation.

There is, of course, something called & # 39; holiday insurance & # 39;. That usually covers you for things like theft of your luggage, flight delay, etc. However, the area of ​​accidents and personal illnesses is complex and deserves a little more reflection.

Why lesions can be different?

If you have a personal injury, accident and illness insurance policy, you can cover it against a variety of possible misfortunes. Some policies may pay a lump sum if you are unlucky or have a replacement income for a specific period of time.

However, there are often some situations that such policies may not cover, including:

  • Injuries suffered in criminal activities.
  • Those associated with participation in dangerous activities (examples may include skydiving, underwater sports and rock climbing, etc.)
  • Holiday injuries.

Let us ignore the first assuming that you are a law-abiding citizen! However, the next two are more problematic.

Holiday Exclusions

No one can tell you whether or not there is any & # 39; domestic & # 39; # existing; Personal accident insurance will cover you while traveling on vacation (abroad or national).

Only your insurance provider can do it and they will use your policy for that purpose. Therefore, read it carefully and look for things like:

  • Exclusions on injuries / illnesses while on vacation
  • Limitations on the number of days you may be out and still be covered
  • Exclusions for trips abroad.

These things may or may not be a problem in the case of your policy, but check to be sure.

Participation in dangerous sports is not, in itself, just a problem while on vacation. Some of the above activities can be excluded in ALL situations, even when you are at home. However, for most of us, our annual vacation may be the only time in the year that we get involved in such things and that is why such exclusions are a problem to consider when leaving.

What to do

The first thing to do and quickly, is to read your insurance policies to see how your next vacation could affect you and you. There may not be any problem and, if so, that's great!

If not, you have three options:

1. You can call your current insurance provider to see what, if any, you can propose. They may have a short-term adjustment that they can make to their coverage by paying a modest sum

2. Some luxury vacation accommodation providers may offer help with specific vacation insurance designed to close these gaps and provide a full range of other protection as well.

3. You can do nothing and just expect your luck to remain (not recommended!).


The worst thing you can do is simply assume that it will never happen to you.

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries sometimes happen on vacation. If they do, having good insurance could help you avoid some potentially very painful financial effects.