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East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa is one of the most beautiful destinations in South Africa, in addition to being a holiday destination, it is also a region that enjoys a wonderful commitment to growth, here is a small story that could attract you to travel to this sunny region If you are interested in obtaining more information, contact the writer at the email address below.

Imvomvo is the name of IsiXhosa for the Aloe flower, for some the flame of the colored flower sends its message of challenge to the drought that descends daily as we go on a dry winter, for others it means hope and dreams. Led by the tireless Thoko Mlonyeni, Imvomvo's team tirelessly towards their goals. Imvomvo is a Section 21 company, an NGO funded primarily by the Australian government, specializing in the provision of training and all relevant services for the development of physical activity and sport in communities and schools and with the Aloe flower representing Your commitment to support all branches. from the local community.

After identifying the deficiencies of existing school sports facilities and the need for committed assistance, Imvomo offers training courses, facilitates tournaments and advises members of the community, including parents, teachers and elders within the immediate community to become coaches. At the same time, providing help and assistance to children of all levels, developing skills and building dreams. Imvomvu has formed a symbiotic association with the local community and sports clubs where they often share facilities, and play an important role in youth development projects by organizing youth rugby and netball tournaments in Mdantsane. Attempts are being made to revive these sports among young people in the area and encourage them to participate in the sport to improve their daily circumstances. Working from his Berea office in East London, Thoko and his team are supported by a highly qualified Board of Directors. The Board is composed of community leaders in their fields and monitors the strategic direction and vision implemented by Imvomvo, its staff, coordinators and volunteers.

With many successful projects behind, such as the Ginsburg Pilot Club project, life skills and self-esteem training for young people, including HIV / AIDS programs, Imvomvo plays an important role in helping the less favored members of our Eastern Cape community To achieve your personal development. goals. But as with any significant project of this nature, there is simply no end to the assistance that is required. Applications are currently being considered by the Department of Sports and Recreation in Bisho. Thoko and his team would certainly appreciate more support from the committed local businesses, the needs of the poorest section of our community are so vast, South Africans have a passion for sport and community development, this is an opportunity to engage constructively in The improvement of the community. For example, with the kind help of continental meats, a local butcher shop, Imvomvo runs a soup kitchen where they serve one meal per day. The soup kitchen provided by the elderly volunteers of the immediate community who have been taught to grow vegetables to support this project. Empowerment, a key word in the mission statement, empowerment through learning and skills development, with the vision of becoming a key player in the union of South African communities through sports and leisure programs.

Alan Hawkins – CEO