Tips on saving a Caribbean vacation

On holiday is relaxing and amazing for the soul, BUT it can be difficult on the wallet. Here are some easy travel tips to make sure you still have vacation of your dream while on a budget.

first Stay in an apartment / villa instead of a hotel. Not only is the price much cheaper, but you can also save money by cooking at the apartment instead of eating out every meal. You can also do your laundry and do not have to pack so much clothes on. Since you want a bigger home, you can invite another couple to split the price. You will save even more!

2nd Plan a trip out of season. The recommended low season is in early January or August to October (also known as Hurricane Season). The rates are significantly cheaper "low season".

3rd Pack a medicine bag. Pak Tylenol, Midol, Benadryl, Tums, Pepto-Bismol, etc. All you may need for any serious situation. Drugstores charge much more because they know you should buy them.

4th Fly Jet Blue. They always have cheap trips to the Caribbean.

5th If possible, buy an all-inclusive package. That way, you pay a fixed fee, you do not have to worry about food and drink costs.

6th Buy the original drinks at a relatively low price, instead of buying other libations. For example, if you are in Dominican Republic, buy Brugal. If you are in Puerto Rico, buy Bacardi room when in Barbados buy their room.

7th Try to eliminate ATM visits. Avoid expensive ATM surcharge! Try to bring enough money or purchase travel checks.

8 thereof. Bring your own snacks. While you're on your adventure, you're hungry along the way. Bringing your own snacks will cut down on extra expenses.

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