The 10 best ways to get the cheapest Disney tickets on

Getting the cheapest Disney tickets is not an impossible task. There are several ways to save money on a Disney vacation, and discount Disney theme park tickets are one of the ways you can save. But is it really better to buy cheap Walt Disney World tickets or cheap Disneyland tickets from other than Disney? And where do you find discount tickets?

Here are the 10 best ways to get the cheapest Disney tickets at:

Visit off-season. Off-season or "value" season is the most affordable time to buy discounted Disney theme park tickets. The weather season for Disneyland Resort and Disney World is around September. You save on Disney Park tickets and often offer Disney offers that help you save even more on things like dining, accommodation and entertainment.

Look for Disney specials. Disney offers special discounts on tickets, rooms and packages. Research special offers online or ask your travel agent to look at current ticket-only specials.

Check out ticket diskounters. This one is a bit difficult because not all ticket discounters are legitimate. Research your options and check recommendations from people "i know". The cheapest Disney tickets may even include an extra day at no additional cost.

Find out about member discounts. Check with your car club, your stock membership club (like Costco), and associations you may belong to Disney Park ticket discounts. Be sure to compare the cost of these tickets to mainport prices, Disney specials and online ticket discounters.

Find out about military discounts. Disney offers special discounts to members of the military. Those who are active are retired, and military spouses are entitled to these discounts.

Plan to stay longer. When you buy multi-day Disney theme park tickets, the price goes down. Depending on the length of your stay you may end up paying less than half the price for full price admission.

Purchase access to your local grocery store. The savings do not come from a reduced entry price, but the rewards you receive. Some stores offer buybacks when consumers use their reward cards.

Research institutional offers. Local residents typically offer discounts at Disney theme park tickets and annual passes.

Learn more about discounts on students and employees. If you are a student, make sure your school offers discounts on Disney Park tickets. The same applies to employees in companies and employees.

Purchase an annual passport. Research the cost of an annual passport and compare it with the number of times you can visit the Disney theme park of your choice. The more you can visit, the more you will save. Local residents also receive discounts on annual passages. And annual passengers receive discounts on certain purchases in the parks.

These 10 tips to find the cheapest Disney tickets are just the beginning. There are other ways to save and plan affordable Disney family holidays. Now that you know how to get your tickets and where to find them, start planning that vacation! You deserve it.

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