Solo Women Travel Safety Tips


Preparation and Planning

Examining your destination is crucial and time research is never wasted. Examine the culture and get a general feel for the country. Is it a Muslim country? If so, make sure you have packed the right clothes, so think about how to dress and mix accordingly. Does the country have strict laws on how a female should have "garden" As an individual traveler we can not agree with certain country views, but it is extremely important to be a respectful traveler in a foreign country to avoid problems. Having landed a culture of "hassling" women, there is a history of sexual assault against women, all of these issues must be identified before departure. With prior knowledge, you can then plan to adapt to the environment.

Interact with other travelers

When a leader is traveling alone "# 39; It's rare that you stay alone once abroad (without traveling is actively pursued). There will always be people traveling the same route & # 39; or single travelers in the same hostel or accommodation. Friendships are made and bonds formed through the mutual interests of travel and adventure. These new connections can provide additional security, for example through other people watching you, other people traveling with, new friends to share taxes and buses with. While it is necessary to be open to new friends, it is important for your personal safety to deal with situation awareness at all times.

Loss the Jewelry

Try and avoid shiny or expensive jewelery and accessories. Nice watches, bracelets, necklaces and the like should be avoided. The same goes with the top of the range phones, laptops and cameras.

Plan routes

Whatever you come home from a bar, the beach or museum thinks on which route you want to take. Avoid quiet areas, alleys or other occupied areas at risk. Always think of using a taxi and make sure it is from a reputable company that you have been recommended.

Do not misinterpret

Sometimes it is necessary to think about which signals can be given and ensure that they are not interpreted incorrectly. Try to avoid long-term eye contact with strangers, chat excessively and be too & # 39; friendly. For example, sitting in the front of a taxi and sharing with the driver on the way back from a bar, giving the wrong signals at some foreign destinations. If you are eating alone, in some cases, take a book to not invite unwanted conversation.

This is not about your own intentions; It's not about whether a woman should limit her normal daily practice of smile, talk freely and just be happy. Unfortunately, in certain cultures, we define certain behaviors like & # 39; normal & # 39; or & # 39; friendly & # 39; interpreted differently. Changing particular behavior is about being gray and not drawing too much unwanted attention. It is not for us to discuss rights and injustices in culture and practice in certain countries and regions, just in order to adapt and reduce the risk to ourselves.

Follow Your Bowel

The trick to avoid danger is to anticipate situations and allow you time to respond. This leads to education and practice, we strongly recommend that you learn from professionals about how to identify risk and react accordingly, but a good rule of thumb is: follow your instinct. If something feels wrong, there's a good chance that it's wrong. React immediately to ensure your safety and worry about whether you were right or wrong later when you are 100% sure.

Preview and Visualization

We recommend women to survive situations to anticipate hazards, allowing time to respond and visualize their next actions to enable an effective response. What do we mean by this? We want to use a nightclub fire as an example. In times of life and death riding has been proven to fly out of the window 9 out of 10 times. Panic is set and a stamped effect may occur. If men and women panic and rusher to the one main departure that all came from, men with a large number of women and the inevitable crushing and tramping will occur. What if as a solo girl you had taken two minutes to prevent a risk and visualize an effective response. In this case, secondary fire extensions identified and visualized using them in an emergency. By anticipating and visualizing a reaction in this case of the nightclub fire, while everyone stamped at the front door, one would have been able to utilize a secondary output and ensure survival through doctrine and planning, not strength and speed.

Situational awareness

Being aware of the environment is crucial in identifying threats early. That's why we teach basic anti-surveillance to all our students. Criminals and carnivores can set their swap for a short time before an attack to give the best opportunity for when to strike. With increased observational skills and awareness, the chances of spotting an attack or threat are significantly increased and give a person time to respond. This is also useful to avoid pick-pockets, muggers, opportunistic criminals and many other dangers.

Hotel and Accommodation Security

Select accommodations wisely by exploring areas through travel agencies, hotel websites, etc. Is the hotel or hostel well managed? Is the surrounding area safe for traveling after dark? Does the hotel or hostel have good security? This does not mean staying in a 5 star hotel anywhere; It could mean spending a few dollars more to be in a reputable area, but still in a backpacker hostel. We can offer extra security to ourselves, for example when we travel, we recommend carrying a secondary door lock ($ 5 worth and small enough to put in the pocket), giving this secondary safety level. In addition, you should never open your hotel or hostel without 100% safe, even if the requirement is household.

Final Thought

Everything discussed above is just tips and tricks of the trade. I've traveled a lot through my life and still learning new ways of adapting and managing situations. Therefore, we have developed our driving safety courses. Professionals from all walks of life train regularly to ensure high performance and be prepared. We think it should be the same for travelers. Take control and be responsible for your own safety through prior preparation. Travel is one of the great adventures that life has to offer; It is worth taking the time to prepare accordingly to eliminate potential threats and ensure that you have an experience of life.


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