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Whether you are on your honeymoon or simply looking for a romantic getaway or want to be spoiled and worried, a bed and breakfast inn is definitely a place to stay. These inns offer a more personal touch than the standard hotels and motels. They are known for their excellent breakfast and one at a service. I have been all over the United States and I have stayed in bed and breakfasts from Napa Valley to Ozarks in Missouri and I have not yet disappointed. Some were small, as they only had one or two rooms, while others were much larger. But the only thing they all had in common was the warm and friendly service from staff who tried to get to know me and make my stay an enjoyable and enjoyable experience.

What to Expect

When booking a room with the staff, be sure to request details of room size and number of beds. Sometimes a "single" can refer to a single double bed, or it may be a room with a double bed. The term "double" may refer to a room with two single beds or a double bed.

The bathrooms can include everything from a small closet with only a toilet, sink and shower to two rooms with separate bath and shower. The reason for the uneven configurations is because many of these inns are old homes that did not have indoor plumbing when they were originally built and the bathrooms were later added where the space could be found. Some inns have shared baths in a common area. If you prefer not to share a bathroom with other guests, it may be worth paying the small extra fee to reserve a room with a private bathroom.

Most traditional inns do not want tv or telephone in the rooms. Most people want these items in public areas for all guests to use. But at the age of smart phones and laptops it can not be such a disadvantage for people it once might have been.

Great Food

You will find that food is one of the biggest benefits of staying at bed and breakfast. You can expect to receive the freshest of all including eggs, muffins and fruit. These innkeepers trust to serve the freshest homemade meals. Before reserving your room, make sure the inn offers exactly the kind of food you prefer, whether it's a continental breakfast (coffee, cereal, toast, pastries) or a fully served breakfast including things like eggs, bacon, pancakes or French toast.

Other Things to Consider

Payment Accepted: Most inns accept most major credit cards and cash. However, they may not accept all credit cards or checks, so be sure to ask you further.

Cancellations and deposits: Some inns will require a deposit at the first night. If you cancel your reservation before your stay, you can lose the deposit. Be sure to ask about these policies when reserving your room.

Visiting time: Many inns require that you book more than one night during the weekend.

Children as guests: Most inns prefer only older children to stay as they are usually quieter than the younger ones. Again ask for age restrictions bed and breakfasts may have.

Smoking: A lot of bed and breakfasts have no smoking policy and will even charge your credit card for cleaning fees if any smoking is detected in the room or in the premises.

Pets: Although some inns will offer small well behaved pets, they will not normally. Call around pet-friendly B & B.

A bed and breakfast offers accommodation that will provide a personal and truly unique travel experience with a touch of hometown taste. These cozy and charming bed and breakfast inns or an excellent choice for a holiday or business trip.


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