What are the tourist attractions in Abidjan?

Abidjan is often called "The Paris of West Africa". You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor door activities there. It's a vibrant city. Tourists taking a flight to Abidjan enjoy a visit to the heart of the country. Although it has many attractive places, but a few places of interest are;

Treichville: It's the best place to enjoy a collection. It is a complex, including bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes. A large number of visitors, especially those from Europe, fall in love with this sparkling place. They often book cheap flights to Abidjan from Great Britain to visit this attractive place. These flights are reserved for no reliable travel This place is known as hub for nightlife. You can also find some best deals on hotels there.

National Museum: This museum is one of the world's most famous museums. The museum is open to visitors all week except holiday. The building is so attractive that a flight to Abidjan might recognize it from very far. The Embassy now works with museum experts to show traditional Ivorian musical instruments, some of which are two hundred years old. It will improve the beauty as well as the importance of the museum. The exhibits you can see after taking Abidjan flights that are currently available with museum include; a collection of historical objects, statues and of course ivory. The best way to remember, visit this museum, take a camera with you and take some pictures there.

Pleatue: It is a district of Abidjan with a large number of shops and parks. This is a place that is favored especially by business travelers. It is located close to St. Louis Paul's Cathedral and Government Buildings. Visitors who take Abidjan flights from the British Cote d'Ivoire love to flock into the city. The most attractive thing is its wonderful mountains with crystal fumes cascading down in tropical paradise.

The points of interest can only be enjoyed if your trip is safer and to make your trip more secure, be very careful. First of all, you must choose the places that are free of any danger. Always take good care of you and your companions throughout your journey. The very first thing is to book your flights carefully. Book it with some authentic travel companies, for example. Flights to Abidjan from UK can be booked

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