A brief guide to some of Top Family Visitor Attractions in Orlando

Orlando in Florida is the best destination for families when booking a vacation to America as it offers a great selection of attractions and amusement parks, carefully designed with family holidays in mind.

Families want a wide range of things to do and places to see as Orlando offers a central location and all the best sights in the world to visit.

Here's a short guide as we look at some of the many things you might want to add to your vacation when you take your next family vacation to Orlando.

Florida's wonderful climate all year round means you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor attractions at any time of the year, meaning you and your family can expect to enjoy good theme parks like Discovery Cove where you can play legendary rays, or snorkel over a tropical reef and even swim with an Atlantic bottle dolphin.

If you're a fan of sea life, a trip to SeaWorld Orlando is definitely a must, as you and your family will enjoy one of the world's most popular marine life adventure parks. Every day there are spectacular live shows, plus exciting exciting entertainments in the amusement park and of course wonderful up-close marine life meetings.

Probably the most famous and famous theme park in the region is Walt Disney World Orlando. Here you will be able to experience a variety of topics. You can choose from Epcot Center, Disney Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Alternatively, you and your family, if you buy one of Disney's Premium or Ultimate tickets, can enjoy more visits to a number of these amazing resorts and experience some of Disney Magic's own.

One of the other top attractions to work on any travel destination to Orlando or Florida is the amazing Kennedy Space Center. Located just an hour from Orlando, Kennedy Space Center is a truly fascinating place.

At Space Center you will not only be able to meet a real astronaut, but you will also be able to go among some of the most famous giant rockets ever seen. The daily tours allow you to look at a full size Space Shuttle replica, look at the launcher's launch areas, view space flight simulators, blow away with amazing IMAX movies and even touch a piece of rock from Mars.

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