Driving in France

Driving in France is generally a pleasant experience for us either from the poorly maintained go-kart course, allegedly the Italian motorway network or alternatively from Britain's bumper bumper, crowded motorways. The essentially empty autoroute stretches before you, and apart from at certain times there is very little other traffic. One warning is – France is deceptively big and if you like us to travel over it, be prepared for some extended driving steps.

The distinction is great, and seeing them in kilometers (if you come from Britain) blows them further. A sign, especially for me. Just south of Calais on the Route des Anglais, you will see a distance marker, which proudly proclaims – Lyons, 650 km. For us returning to Italy, the journey to Lyon is approx. two thirds of our total travel in France.

The bad news about autoroute is the toll. These fees can soon be installed. With the French attitude to the English set in "Situation Normal", the strict customs cabins only accept payment from cars with left hand. If you are in a right-handed car and do not have a passenger, prepare for entertainment – we suggest you take a butterfly for this purpose.

A good feature of the autoroute network in France is "Aire." This is an official penetration, but unlike the busy British service stations or the sunbathing, heavily filled asphalt offered by the Italians, it consists of Two types of rest. You can choose between a large aire with food, gasoline and playground for the children or a smaller rural area with basic toilet and picnic facilities. The latter group can be very picturesque and even include forest walks, etc.

Wherever Aire is subject to regular night visits from the police and before it is reasonably safe to drag and sleep in even the most rural location. It may be necessary because the idea of ​​the motel has not really been heard in France and while there are few in the south , there are only a handful of motels in the north.

As a disabled driver, the thing I like most appeals to the French for their attitude towards served parking. If you are not disabled, pregnant or wounded, just do not park in a reserved room. It's simply not done & # 39;. I remember going to the very busy Bourges-en-Bresse service area in the middle of the day during the summer vacation. The parking lot was crowded, and people walked around to anticipate any room that dared to turn out. Then the two unfilled disabled rooms remained empty until (like a bathing party) I occupied one.

Although autoroute is generally quiet, there are two problem areas to avoid. The first is around Lyons at the beginning or end of the working day. Like the M25 around London, there are too many vehicles for the road system to cope with. We once were there and decided to pull an aire and sleep for an hour. Sure enough, an hour later (10:00) the traffic had cleared and off we went. The second thing to avoid is the Bastille Day (July 14) when every man and his dog go to the road network. Do not think about driving on Bastille Day.

I hope, like you, that you enjoy driving in France.

Source by Clive West

What should you tell your ex-girlfriend to get her back

Many people are looking for this exact phrase on the web all over the world – & # 39; What are you going to tell your ex-girlfriend to get her back? Perhaps this is what you desperately need to get the love of your life back to life.

So what do you tell her?

Well here are no correct or wrong answers, but there are definitely some things you should do and should not do. First, take a step back from the situation and give yourself and your ex-girlfriend some breath. Now it's not time to bother her, nor is it time to get up or make big life decisions.

Put a little space between you.

For some days or weeks, it's best not to call, write or email your ex, but you will contact and open the communication lines very soon. This is where you need to know exactly what to tell her and what to say.

As I said, there are no concrete correct or wrong answers here, but it is a great method that you can apply today. It's simple, very effective and will use emotional triggers to get the desired results.

You must leave your ex-girlfriend with a message saying that you completely agree with the decision she has made and that has given you a great deal. You also say that she has done something really good for you and you want to thank the person. So just quit the message and wait for her to come back to you.

You can send a message in an email, text, simple note or leave a voice mail on an answering machine. No matter what it works, and you will have your ex-friend contact you very soon.

Use this method if you want to know what to tell your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

Source by Richard Jameson

How to Make Ultra-Light Backpacking

Today there are many different ways to travel. There are the regular flights by plane, or if you are on a budget or if the distance is not too far you can choose a bus or a car ride. For this article, however, we will focus on another form of travel, namely backpacking. As the name says, travel backpacking with a backpack while walking over long distances.

The good thing about this is that you can definitely save money, you can take more time to just enjoy nature in that country, there is nothing and you get a good workout at the same time. When you sleep, you can either take a tent or choose to sleep in a budget hotel (if applicable). We only cover a few points about how to backpack, and hopefully this will give you a good idea of ​​what it is.

First, when packing your bag, do not pack too much and nevertheless, do not pack too little. As you want to go far, it is best to keep it easier, otherwise you will be easily tired. There is a method of backpacking called "ultra light backpacking", and although I do not want to go into detail here, it essentially means reducing all unnecessary weight in the package to cover more distances.

Secondly, it is always advisable to know your map and surrounding areas before starting a trip / hike. Get a new card from a good bookstore and check out Google Maps for as much as possible. The last thing you want to do is to be lost, especially if you're wandering in the desert.

Finally, there is a popular rule that backpackers have and is an important "how" in backpacking. "Do not leave track" means that everywhere you go under backpacking, always try to leave the natural environment as it were, so others after you can also enjoy it completely.

In conclusion, backpacking is actually an enjoyable and relaxing activity. It's a good way to deviate from the rot, and just relax and enjoy nature as it's to be enjoyed. I liked this article about how "backpacking" has given you an insight, albeit quite small in the backpacking world, and it will somehow motivate you to go on your own backpacking trip!

Source by Misako Ayuni

7 Ways to Save on California Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums are high at all times, they rise at a rate of approx. 15 percent each year. So there must be a way to keep your campaigns at a level that is affordable, I'll explain to you how. California has 7 companies competing for your business and from the date of this publication there are many new plans out there that save people 30 to 50 percent of their health insurance premiums each month, I'll give you some tips on how to do it today [19659002] # 1 Health Benefits Specialist

There are many people selling health insurance, but are not health benefits specialists that maybe your car insurance agent is selling health insurance but only showing a company you should Make sure to hire an agent that represents a number of companies. Whether you purchase your policy from an agent or directly from the healthcare company yourself, the price of your insurance will be the same as they are regulated by each state's insurance commissioner. Hence, by hiring an agent, you will get an impartial view of all the plans you have available in California, unlike the carrier, telling you why they are the greatest and the best. I work for my customers and not the insurance companies. I find my customers the best plan for their needs and budget.

# 2. Switch to a Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan

HSAs becomes one of the most popular health insurance plans in California. The concept is simple; You pay for deductible expenses at a reduced rate and the carrier pays for the deductible. Most HSA plans cover preventive care as a first-dollar benefit, which means that your deduction has been waived. The savings are significant that they are typically 50% cheaper than traditional plans. How much could save?

Family Traditional Plan $ 550 dollars a month for a family of four

HSA Plan – $ 250 dollars a month for a family of four

Savings of $ 3600 dollars a year

# 3 Select a higher Deductible

Most people while choosing a plan choose the lowest deductible but pay for the low deduction in the way of higher prizes and ultimately end. Choosing a plan with a higher deductible can save the average family $ 1,500 or more. How much can you save?

Family Plan With 500 Deductible Family Members With A 2,500 Deductible – $ 315

Savings – $ 4.380

# 4 Ditch The Co-Pays

Yes, you only pay $ 25 when you see a doctor but The question is, how much do they actually pay? There are many plans that are now on the market without a purchase, but all medical visits are still covered. You simply pay the network discount rate, which is usually only $ 15 to $ 25 more than co-pay. How much can you save? Here is an example:

Family plan with sampayere- $ 425

Family plan without co-payment- $ 290

Save- $ 1,620 a year!

# 5 Shop and Compare

There are at least seven (7) major health insurance companies in California, each with 12 plans or more on average. There are over 84 plans on the market. Well, to be honest, there are over 250 plans to choose from in California, so you have a great selection of plans. It is a big mistake to believe that similar plans have the same price. A carrier could charge $ 500 per Month for a PPO plan with a $ 1000 deductible. Another carrier could charge $ 350 for the same exact plan. So be sure to compare carriers.

# 6 Annual Policy Review

Each year, many airlines come with new plans with lower prices. When you choose a new plan, you typically get the lowest prices on the market and can save 30% to 60% of your current campaigns.

# 7 Look at Generic Prescription Drugs Only

You can typically save 20 percent or more on your health insurance premiums by getting health plans with generic prescription drug costs. So if you are healthy individual looking for coverage not on any medication this could be an alternative to you. More and more drugs now have a generic alternative, so another suggestion to save money is to ask your doctor if they have a generic version of the drug you are on.

I hope you've come away with learning something you did not already have on how to keep your health insurance premiums lower in California.

Source by Marc Hart

Blue American Express Card gives you more

The blue card gives you the flexibility and freedom you may or may not find in other major credit cards. Depending on how you like to manage your finances, you can pay your blue credit card balance fully every month or over an extended period of time. Blue card has no annual fee and a 0% APR (annual percentage) for the first 15 months – 3 months longer than most reward credit cards. There is also a 20-day grace period to postpone monthly interest fees and if you want extra credit cards for family and friends, you will receive them for free.

The credit card offers a free reward program. When you join you, you will receive 1 point for almost every blue card purchase you make. It does not matter if you buy ice or plane tickets you want to add up that can be redeemed for retail products, entertainment, travel and much more. When you transfer balances from other higher interest rate credit cards to your American Express Blue card, you enjoy a low fixed rate of 4.99% until the balance is paid and there is no transaction fee for transferring the balance. This Blue Card feature can save you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

The most current billing information is available to you online, including transactions, fees, and payments. You also get Express Pay: Express Pay is a payment technology that allows you to buy without pushing your Blue Card. Once you have made a purchase, just hold the card up to the payer at the registry and that's it. You do not have to sign anything and you can get a receipt if you choose. There are thousands of Express Pay readers nationwide, making it easy for you to make purchases quickly and easily.

There are several good features of the American Express Blue Card to explore. With the blue card you have great fraud protection online and offline. You will not be held liable for any unauthorized charges under any condition. A summary online annual report gives you 24 hours access to important information about your credit card account. You can download the summary, print it and separate fees by date, trade name, fee and notification fees made within a category. The summary is an excellent tool for preparing taxes and budgeting.

Want more? Well, what about 24/7 customer service and 90 day return protection. When a merchant does not return a designated item within 90 days, American Express will refund the purchase price up to $ 300 per. Item and maximum $ 1000 annually per. Credit Card Account. You also get purchase insurance so you can act carefree, knowing that the original product warranty will be matched in an additional year for 5 years or less guarantees. There is also the purchase link plan that protects approved purchases made with the blue card against accidental injury and theft for 90 days after purchase of your product. You will receive car rental and non-life insurance when using your card for car rental, emergency card, travel accident insurance and Global Assist Hotline, which helps you with medical, legal, financial or other emergency assistance when traveling more than 100 from home.

Overall, the American Express Blue Card is an ideal financial companion for daily use of credit cards. Its versatility as a credit card is read by reading the aforementioned benefits and features. It is a credit card that easily complements your financial portfolio and gives you more of what a large credit card has to offer.

Source by Art Taylor

7 scenarios where a car insurance claim may be rejected

Car insurance is a compulsory investment as the law. Therefore, a large number of car owners choose to pay a premium for a car insurance policy to protect their cars against a possible collision. However, a large part of their claims of companies are rejected. This is because people are ignorant or unaware of the intricacies that are related to car insurance. Therefore, a large part of car insurance claims are rejected.
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To stop this, let's go through a list of reasons where a car insurance request can be returned:

1. Intimate your insurance company late or not at all: Please be aware that your claim is intended to be returned if you fail to inform your insurance provider within the stipulated timeframe. On average, you must update your insurance company within 48 to 72 hours from the date of accident or collision.

2nd Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances: This is a no-brainer, but most people are still negligent.
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If you drive when you have used alcohol, you do not just break the law, but even the insurance company will refuse to cover in case of an accident.

3rd If your car is used for commercial purposes: If you have a private car, it is used for any commercial use, such as To be used to transport goods or passengers from your car, the provider may reject your claim. This is because there are different policies for private cars and commercial vehicles policies.
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4th If you run without a valid license: If you or someone driving your car is driving a valid license and is facing an accident, your cover will be void. Therefore, make sure you renew your license on time.

5th Start repairs before the insurance company's inspection: When you approach the insurance company for a collision or accident, a surveyor will visit you to inspect the condition of the car and approve your requirement.
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Without this inspection, the insurer will not be able to track the level of repairs and estimate the costs involved. Therefore, your claim is required to be rejected.

6th Fails to transfer policy from the previous owner: A certain verification will be made during the claim process. In the event that the car insurance is not in your name, your insurance company has the right to reject your claim.

7th An electrical or mechanical breakdown: If your car is damaged without external collision due to electrical or mechanical degradation, you will not be covered by your car insurance. In this case you need to spend some money from your own pocket.

Next time be more careful with all these reasons and make sure that you make the most of your car insurance policy.

Source by Pranavi Jain

Rodeo Daze – Riding With The Pros

Piggin strings and bucking shoots used to be part of my everyday life. Rodeo clowns were constant companions and mutton sprouting became one of my favorite things. For a year, I spend days, nights and weekends on the PRCA track with top ropers and riders from all over the world.

Origin in Pecos, Texas many years ago, rodeo has become synonymous with America's wildlife survival, and reputation has been well deserved.
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Competition includes non-paid athletes who need these premium dollars to keep "goin down the road."

As national spokesman for Adolph Coors Company, I lived on my way and participated in Peter Coors signed my check and his new passion was rodeo so I sat up. For twenty-one weeks I ride horses in professional rodeo across the country – from Albany, New York to Poway, California.
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Twelve cases Of course, beer, Coors, was delivered to my hotel room every day to give away for "goodwill." Host hotels often booked me in their best rooms and renamed them "Bridle Suite." I kept many interviews from my living room. [19659002] One day we were lined up on a rodeo in Rock Springs, Wyoming, to ride on "circle 8." Whether Clay or Jake leaned over and said, "Lane down on Cheyenne." When we finished the opening routine, Lane Death.

Lane Frost had been my friend in Rodeo.
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His last interview was with me in Santa Maria, California, and I extracted the interview on the news over and over again. Then they made the movie "8 Seconds" and it tried to make justice to his life.

The movie did not touch how deeply the friendship between Lane and Tuff Hedeman was. I was with Tuff at the next rodeo in Fort Madison, Iowa, and he showed up ready to ride and make the pressure.
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Tuff and I was auctioned for the benefit of some charities. We both had to dance with someone who had a bid for us. "How are you here?" I asked him.

One month a year I made an alcohol awareness junket. The goal was to balance the promotion of beer with a reasonable warning of its danger. No press was booked and I was sent to Indian reservations-mainly in New Mexico and Arizona. A visit to the Navajo reservation in Window Rock, Arizona, was enough to get the full effect of the downturn of alcohol consumption among the Indians.
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So Indian life has been wiped out of ethanol alcohol because of their inherent ability to never use the firewater & # 39; before the white man took it from Europe. We brought the potential drinks when we came to develop and settle in those areas that would later become fifty states. The proof of alcohol damage is clear and far-reaching when visiting the reserves.

At a time when family events are rare, still keeping the attention of all ages.
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There are two types of competitors-riders and ropers – and it's exciting to see a horse and rider compete as one in the arena. I will never forget the year I use "to go down the road" with all the proud horse people and my short exposure to the damage caused by ethanol bread to our native Indian population.

For now, SherryD

Former Miss Coors Rodeo

Source by Sherry Lynn Daniel

Hoover Dam Tours and Things to Do in Las Vegas

To book a trip while on vacation in the Las Vegas area can be something that has never crossed yourself so far. However, you would like to learn about the wide variety of really cool, fun Hoover Dam tours, which you can take to make their trip a fabulous experience. The hardest decision will be to determine exactly on the right trip to order that is comfortable and peaceful items that people consider if they do not get it in their daily lives when they are not on holiday.
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You want to be sure that these organized tours are competitive so people coming from all over the country and around the world have the opportunity to enjoy these adventures. You need to make sure you use that way so you can still get funds for some of the other amazing adventures in Las Vegas.

A good trip to take a helicopter trip.
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You may not like heights and might be afraid of flying, but taking one of these tours will see you this incredibly famous structure from a point of view that not many people will see. If you decide to take this excursion, you will want to make sure your camera is prepared so you can take enough photographs to capture enough images to last.

Another great way to see Hoover Dam is on a ground tour. Now, you may not see that this will be an optimal way of looking at it, but on the contrary, you'll find some magnificent close photo opportunities and looking out that you can not get while flying the sky above.
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The idea of ​​using this method is this is an easier excursion that gives you time to take more pictures and be one with the beautiful Nevada desert.

If you want something cooler and want to visit the breathtaking damn walls from a completely different angle, you will thoroughly enjoy the river rafting tour. By trying this method you will enjoy floating on the river while watching this incredible technical creation, you can just forget the overwhelming surrounding Hoover Dam walls overhead.

The VIP Tour is something you can choose to do.
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If you decide on this kind of trip, you will see that this leads you into the heart of the dam with some of the places where everyone would not look at the normal outings. On this trip you will most likely have a tour so you will learn details about the building, the lady's history and how it performs on a day in and day out. It is an excellent informative experience for people of all ages.

Choosing the right trip is a difficult decision, you do not have to worry, you can always take more trips. This is a great way for you to see the dams and the Nevada desert perspectives from every perspective humanly possible.
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Oh what a treat you would give to yourself. If you choose this option, you must be fully prepared for it to be possible to engage it all on the same day as long as you prepare the time for it all.

A trip to the Las Vegas region is nice, but it really is not done unless you fully utilize the surrounding areas outside of the band and casinos.
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A good idea is to consider going on one of the Hoover Dam tours that are available at your fingertips. By taking a Hoover Dam tour you will soon find one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the region.

Guide to Full Cover Car Insurance

Definition of Full Cover Car Insurance:

Full coverage car insurance has a bad reputation to be extremely expensive; but it is a big misunderstanding. The truth is that it is possible to get cheap full cover car insurance, that is just the majority of car owners fall for the same trick that car insurance companies utilize. Remember, such an insurance plan is only a policy of several types of coverage, and agents typically provide a pre-packaged package that can not only be expensive but not satisfactory to you. So if you go to even cheapest car insurance companies, the full coverage will still be quite costly.

What full coverage car insurance should consist of:

As mentioned above, cheap full car insurance is something you need to organize yourself. To make it easier, only certain types of coverage are essential for completing it. The first thing you need is the comprehensive and collision coverage. In case of collision, you are refunded for any damage that your vehicle took from an accident, and the comprehensive covers any damage carried out on the car, except for the collision. The next is responsible insurance cover, covering all legal expenses related to the car, be it attorney fee or repayment if the case is lost. The last thing you should investigate is the uninsured car insurance coverage. Essentially, it helps you if you were hit by the car that was not covered or if the coverage is insufficient, in which case your own provider pays compensation. There are many other types of cover that you can include, but if you want to get an affordable full cover car insurance for the best quality, they must always be present in it.

How to reduce the price of full cover car insurance:

Most car insurance companies will provide violent discounts if you increase the advance payment for the insurance. The same will happen with increased deductions even if you get to know the balance. Best solution would not be to search for cheap car insurance companies, but search for companies that offer special offers and discounts for customers who purchase full cover car insurance with them. As you can see yourself, such an insurance policy is not very different from the normal, except knowing what types of coverage you need in it, otherwise it's the same trick of reducing the price that applies to it.

Source by James Pattonius

7 Hot Topics for Amazon Affiliate Markets

When looking for an affiliate, a place to send your Amazon Links and AdSense, the advice you get from a given sector may be different, but … We have found 7 specific hot topics that rock our world economic. And you can build your business from anywhere. You just need to use a computer, a website and a way to send email, create social media and write. Yes … Writing is an important component in most affiliate markets, but you can do this.

1 – Camping and Survival Gear

Whatever sits in the oval office, campers, hunters and survivors always seek good ways to survive the coming apocalypse. Yes, it's going to come, whether it's natural disaster or some man-made boom. The truth is, we all need to know how to survive without technology.

Although it's nothing more than a book to read when the computer is down.

2 – Golf Equipment and Sports Equipment

You believe that every man in the white house is dependent on his pair, the golf equipment would have outsold his life. Nix. It is still one of the hottest topics on the internet. And the side about golf shoes? Yes, that's my highest hitter. Specialize in a particular subject and you want this at the bank!

3 – Tips and Equipment for Home Removing and Rebuilding

You can go to Lowes or Home Depot for supplies, but the equipment is purchased online from Amazon.com with instructions from a fantastic website? You ask your Uncle John's hammer, they will advise you to repair the biscuits they find at the local hardware store, especially if you include pictures and details why you recommend Black & Decker over Stanley.

4 – Mommy Tips and child care

Toys. Clothes. Furniture. Accessories. Childcare ideas. Useful tips for raising children, and something mummy & # 39; Related will kick a big stir online, and there are so many relevant forums to market your site from. IDEES are everywhere. You do not have to write about everything happening in your house, there are lots of inspiring stories to share.

5 – How is something

If you know how to write about it. Find affiliate products and links. Share them on your site. And talk about it to your friends.

6 – Dogs and Pets

It's worth paying for dog items to send on my Pet Affiliate Site because people spend thousands of dollars each year on their pets.

7 – Books and Videos

Of course … No matter what you want, you will find a topic and build a website where you can share your link.

Source by Jan Verhoeff