Airport parking and vehicle service


Parking your car at any airport can be a stressful time and even more at Heathrow Airport, Britain's busiest airport. If you are on holiday or away on business and flying from Heathrow Airport, you need a company that will take stress, concern and hassle away by offering an outstanding, professional and personal unique service that combines airport parking and gives your car a part or full service while you are away.

People encounter many problems when they park their car at an airport, including: Booking a local car park before leaving their journey not to mention the high costs involved especially in high season, making your way to the terminal can be a task in itself. Awaiting it for the shuttle at both the beginning and end of your trip and last but not least returning to your car after your holiday to find it is covered by dirt and dust or worse still do not even start.

Call a company that takes customers directly to the terminal building before they take the vehicle's vehicle to their fully-equipped parking and storage facilities, located just minutes from London Heathrow Airport. Search Google for a company that will then continue to perform all the necessary repairs, maintenance or car service required by you. You should be sure that your car is in good hands and safely saved by their secure concessions. All vehicles must be returned to customers in an untouched and excellent work order, including a safe travel home. This is all the trouble with parking at the airport. Find a company that offers a complete professional service dedicated to your individual needs and offers a full range of services to all major brands and models of cars.

These unique meeting rooms offer free collection and delivery while you have the peace of mind that your car will be delivered personally to you so you do not have to worry about being scratched, damaged, dirty or unable to start so you can enjoy your vacation. If you want to take advantage of this unique service and have you car serviced while you're away,


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Effective Advertising Articles – 3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Trade View Promotional Articles


"76.1% of respondents could remember the advertiser's name on the [branded promotional] product they had received in the last 12 months." – Promotional Products Association International.

Branded promotional products are a great way to keep your brand front and center with your new and existing customers. I offer the following tips to help maximize your return on promotional items.

first Wasting away will be kastevegen:

Giving your potential customers cheap throwing items is a total waste of money. Your promotional items must be something that people use repeatedly. A good advertising item shows your customer that you deliver quality products and ensure that your customers receive quality products. In addition, quality products that can be recycled keep your brand front and center. Consider for example To hand out computer accessories, calculators, calendars or organizers.

2nd Do not stop when the show stops:

Follow up with trade shows and thank them for their time with a quality promoter. While your potential customer visited hundreds of cabins, you could get the one to reach out and say thank you.

3rd Book early and send to the room:

Since most messaging questions are tailor made, make sure to allow 5-10 days for production and shipping. Instead of ordering your products and sending them to the office only to send it back to the shop, consider the timing of your orders so that the products are shipped to the city only once. Shipping once saves money and is a little trouble with setting up the screen

I hope these tips will help you make the most of your promotional items.


Source by Peter G. Zurawski

Auto Insurance Online – A Fast And Painless Experience!


Consider the following for a second: If you need to find vacation homes, where do you start your search? Generally on the internet, right? If you need a contact number for someone who can do some landscaping in your backyard, where do you want to look for such a person? Once again, the internet will be a great place to start! So why can not we get our car insurance online if we can find anything from the airline ticket to seats and furniture stores online?

Firstly, if you are of the opinion that it is impossible to get car insurance online, you must live under a rock! Or depending on a remote galaxy without internet, in what particular case, I apologize for my opinion.

We live in the digital age – where letters and faxes have been replaced by e-mails where waiting for lines on the bank has been replaced by online banking and where we can even avoid going to malls of making our purchases on online.

Do you remember when the worldwide net was introduced a little more than 10 years ago? Since we still use dial-up modems for the "ridiculously fast" connection speed of 48 kbps per second? And where the connection fell in the most annoying times and we had to fight to get back online? Even now it is something of the past and many people have access to high-speed ADSL lines or wireless connections.

Returning to the subject of insurance itself – There are so many resources available online that you can decide how you want to get your insurance notes and other information. You can decide which insurance provider you want to use, log on to their website and contact them directly. Or you can visit one of the many insurance portals available. These insurance portals are absolutely brilliant as you only have to complete your information once and you will receive up to 5 quotes from different insurance companies!

Before you log on to the internet and start your car insurance online search, just be sure to have all the necessary information available. Keep in mind that your car insurance premium would have been affected by a number of factors. This includes how old you are, what type of car you drive, the value of your car, the purpose you primarily use your car for, your pre-requisite mail, etc. Make sure you have all this information available so that There will be no waiting times as a result of half-finished applications.

Remember that the insurance industry is a very competitive industry. You must not only accept the first policy or premium you are offered. You should always compare a minimum of between 3 and 5 quotes, even more if possible! Do not hesitate to compare prices, but keep in mind that the price is not all! It's important to understand how a policy is different from the next and what policy would be best for your specific requirements (and wallet!)

Finding auto insurance online is really no problem – do not delay, get it done today!


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Cheap Travel to Japan – Planning a Japanese Vacation


Japan's beautiful island has a lot to offer for keen tourists. Popularly called "The Land of the Rising Sun" is this lively nation full of enthusiastic and hardworking people. One of the first things you will notice about this impressive country is the vast number of people who go about their different tasks. Japan is one of the most populated countries in the world, with the capital of Tokyo, which houses more than 30 million people.

If you're looking for a cheap trip to Japan, you'll be glad to know that your options are many. Initially, it could not be easier to book cheap accommodation in Japan. When it comes to searching budget hotels in Japan, you will be spoiled for choice. One of the good things about cheap travel to Japan is that you can even take advantage of one of the many luxury hotels. Whether it's Tokyo or one of the other cosmopolitan cities in Japan that you want to visit, you're sure to find accommodation that is right for your budget.

Most of the budget hotels in Japan are well-equipped with modern facilities like air conditioning, broadband internet, laundry, refrigerator and the like. Another good thing about cheap travel to Japan is that most of these affordable hotels are located in and around the central part of the city. In this way, you do not have to travel too far for sightseeing or shopping in any of the buzzing areas around the city. For those on cheap travel to Japan, it is advisable to choose a budget hotel that is well located. For example, there are several budget hotels in Tokyo that are close to convenience stores and Chinese restaurants.

When you are on holiday in Japan, you will be surprised at the number of tourist attractions that come with both cultural and modern significance. You can also enjoy the breathtaking beautiful sea and mountain range. View of Mount Fuji with cherry blossoms is an iconic image of Japan that leaves an unforgivable impression on the traveler's opinion. The country is also popular for its fascinating sanctuaries and temples that bring the taste of a rich ancient heritage.

Cheap travel to Japan is so much easier when you book your accommodation online. This will give you more time in advance to plan a good vacation in one of the most desirable resorts in Asia. You will find more travel sites that will offer you a very discounted price for a luxurious stay in a comfortable hotel.

Culinary delights are abundant in Japan and not too expensive. You can taste delicious Japanese food in many of the restaurants and Japanese guesthouses, where you can enjoy sumptuous homemade meals at minimum prices.

The economic crisis and falling value of the Japanese currency is another reason why a Japanese holiday has become so affordable. It's also a great idea to plan your travel expenses before waking up in this fascinating country of skyscrapers and high mountains. It is wise and economical to get affordable domestic flights as well as cheap rail passengers in good time for great cheap trips to Japan.


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Travel Insurance FAQs


There are many misunderstandings in travel insurance, and understandably, most are not as good as I am – I can not say I blame them! Many misunderstandings, however, put people at risk of spending unnecessary money on areas that can and should be covered by their policies.

So I've collected this mini travel insurance FAQ to help those who have doubts, concerns or questions about what to look for.

Question: What should I do before going abroad?

A: Make sure you have checked FCO Travel Advice for the countries you visit. Make sure you have enough money and your passport is up to date. Take a photocopy of your passport information and keep a safe place. Check which inoculations and displays are required. Note the numbers and addresses of the British Embassy and the consulate of the country you travel to.

Question: Should I travel travel insurance before my vacation?

A: I can be a bit biased on this one, but yes! It is extremely important that you take advantage of adequate travel insurance, even for short trips or visits to Europe, and absolutely necessary in countries outside the EU where different conditions make sickness cheaper and cheaper medical cover a little harder to catch. It also covers for cancellation as soon as you book your trip.

If you travel to a country or part of a country against FCO councils, it is illegal that your insurance company would meet any requirement. Should the FCO councils change after having booked a vacation, check the position of your tour operator and travel insurance company.

Question: Should I look at a single trip or annual multi travel travel insurance?

A: Only you can answer correctly – even if a single trip is (generally) cheaper, do exactly what it says and cover only one trip. In contrast, annual travel insurance covers all year round different breaks, making it a choice if you think you want to travel so much. You might find that just taking two trips a year would make annual multi travel travel insurance cheaper than the single trip variety!

Question: What kind of reason for cancellation is valid to insure cover?

A: As long as your reason is within the scope of coverage laid down in your policy, you must have the right to claim most cases. Legal reasons to cancel your trip may include a sickness or death in the family (as defined by your policy), freak weather conditions that suspend travel for 24 hours, burglary or damage to your home, are victims of criminal offense resulting in You are physically unable to travel, be called for emergency or jury fees (subject to the special terms and conditions of the policy). Likewise, you can generally claim if the hotel or resort (for independent travelers) is because of visiting suffering from a terrorist attack in the days leading up to your journey.

Question: Who pays if I have to be admitted abroad or flown back to the UK?

A: If you have a proper tire, the travel company must pay such fees. If not, the price will fall to you or your relatives and friends.

Question: Is a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) the same as the health insurance?

A: No. 1. The free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) shows that the holder is entitled to reduced or free emergency care only in the EU. You still need travel insurance to ensure that you are fully covered in case of illness or injury. However, the EHIC card helps reduce your initial deposit before you can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Question: Is my existing disease state a major problem?

A: Generally yes. Check the terms of your policy to ensure that it covers existing medical conditions. Often they will not be covered unless you pay an additional prize and if you fail to declare your condition when you purchase your cover, you can claim it. As always, the key advice here is to control the political words with a nice denture.

Question: How can I find out if it is safe to travel to a particular country?

A: It is highly recommended that you check the FCO Travel Advice section on their website ( This information is updated regularly and should provide you with solid guidance on where and is not safe to travel (remember that areas officially issued as "unsafe" will be covered by travel insurance).

Question: Is it safe to travel for a terrorist attack abroad?

A: Unfortunately, there is nothing like risk-free travel, and the absence of advice on travel to a particular country or territory does not mean that FCO guarantees the security in that country or territory.

I hope this Travel Insurance FAQ has proved useful – it's only scratched by the service and every policy is different, but with this advice you should be in a better position to shop next time you buy travel insurance.


Source by Patrick Chong

5 tips for traveling by train in Europe


Check the various railways available

If you plan to see many countries, it may be wise to consider investing in an Interrail Pass or which non-EU citizens call Eurail Pass. An Interrail Pass will make your train journey easier. But if you are on a tighter budget, individual tickets can work out cheaper (especially if you travel primarily east of Germany). Consider your budget and do some research before ordering your train ticket.

Try to book your seats

Train tickets and space reservations are two different things. A ticket allows you to board a train, and a reservation guarantees you a seat on a particular train. Before your trip, you must understand if your train requires, recommends or does not accept space bookings.

If possible, try booking your seat, especially if you travel in uber popular countries like France, Italy or Spain. For most trains you are not required to reserve your seat, but boarding the train and hiring for the best is not a good idea. You could have told to get out of your middle trip if someone else has reserved it. By reserving your location, you can choose whether you want a window or a window space. You can sit back and enjoy the trip knowing that you will not be interrupted to move.

Store Your Security

European rail travel is known as one of the safest ways to travel. However, it is important to keep an eye on pickpocketers, especially with trains that stop in major cities. Do not leave your luggage unattended on the train or at the station. At night, make sure you secure luggage on the stand with a small bicycle lock if you plan to sleep. To have peace of mind, you need a packet under your clothes to keep your passport, phone and any important documents protected against potential thieves.

Less is more – Tips for traveling by train in Europe

Traveling from country to country or city to town is a fun and exciting journey. However, the trip may be tiring if you bear a heavy load. Take the most important and leave any items or products that are not necessary behind.

Depending on the train you travel, there may be limited storage space in over-seat holders and shelves at the end of the carts. Instead of transporting a big and heavy suitcase, a quality lightweight backpack is another way to ease your strain.

Get the right supplies for the journey

Traveling through Europe gives sensational views; However, it is a good idea to bring a few key elements that help you pass the time, especially if you are traveling for more than 2 hours. Read a book, watch a movie on your tablet, type in your travel journal, or make a conversation with another passenger, and before you know it, you will reach your next destination.

Most trains have either a restaurant, cafe carts or snack carts, which comes by selling sandwiches, soft drinks and much more. But if you are on a tight travel budget or if you have special dietary requirements, it is wise to bring some snacks with you on your journey.


Source by Udi Sharir

Trade and income statement


Trade Account

As already mentioned, the first part of the trading and income statement is called trading account. The purpose of preparing trading accounts is to find gross profit or gross loss, while in the second section it is to determine net income or net loss.

Trade Account Preparation

Trading accounts are prepared mainly to know the profitability of goods purchased (or manufactured) sold by the businessman. The difference between the selling price and the cost of sold goods is the 5 serving businessman. In order to calculate gross earnings, it is therefore necessary to know:

(a) the cost of goods sold.

(b) sale.

The total sales can be found from the sales manager. However, the cost of goods sold is calculated. In order to calculate the sales costs, it is necessary to know its meaning. "Cost" includes the purchase price of the item plus the cost of purchasing goods and burns the goods to the place of business. In order to calculate the cost of the goods, "we should deduct the total cost of commodity purchased price at hand. We can study this phenomenon using the following formula:

Opening stock + purchase price – closed stock = sales cost

As already mentioned, the purpose of This account can be explained by the following equation:

Gross profit = Sales price of items sold or (Sales + Balance) – (In stock in the sales account), you can calculate the gross profit of the company. This can be described as an excess of "Sales" above "Sales. Beginning + Buy + Direct Costs)

Opening Inventory and Purchase with Purchase and Sales Cost Billing (Direct Exp.) records the debtor's page while the sales and final holdings are recorded on the credit side. If the credit side is Jeater than the Debtor side, then the difference is recorded on the debtor side as gross profit which are ultimately recorded on the credit side of the income statement. When they bitor page exceeds the credit side, the difference is gross loss recorded on the credit side and ultimately shown on the debtor side of the income statement.

Common Items on a Trading Account :

A) Debit Page

1. Opening Stock. It is the stock that remained unsold at the end of the year before. It must have been brought into books by opening entry; so it always appears within the test balance. In general, it is shown as the first item on the billing page of the trade account. Of course, in the first year of a company there will be no open stock.

2nd Purchase. This is usually another item on the debit side of the trading account. "Buy" means total purchase, ie. cash plus credit purchases. Any return return (purchase return) must be deducted from purchase to find out the net purchases. Sometimes goods are received before the supplier's relevant invoice. In such a situation, at the date of preparation of the final account, a post should be entered for debit of the purchase account and crediting the supplier's account with cost of goods.

3rd Purchase Expenses. All costs associated with the purchase of goods are also charged on the trading account. These include salaries, freight inland freight, customs duties, clearing charges, port charges, excise duties, patents and import taxes etc.

4th Manufacturing Expenses. Such expenses are borne by businessmen to manufacture or make the goods in a marketable condition, for example. Engine power, petrol fuel, stores, royalties, factory expenses, managers and supervisor's salary etc.

Although production costs are strictly included in the manufacturing accounts, as we only prepare trading accounts, expenses of this type can also be included in the trading account.

(B) Credit Page

1. Sales. Sales means total sales, ie. cash plus credit sales. If there is a sales return, these should be deducted from sales. Then net sales are credited to trading account. If an asset in the company is sold, it should not be included in the sale.

2nd Connect portfolio. It is the value of shares that are unsold in the city or store at the last date of the accounting period. Normally closing stocks are given outside the trial balance, in which case it appears on the trading page for the credit account. However, if it is given within the trial balance, it should not appear on the account of the trading account, but will only appear in the balance as active. The closing paper should be valued at cost or market price, if it is smaller.

Valuation of closing inventory

In order to determine the value of the closing inventory, it is necessary to compile a complete inventory or list of all the goods in the god's own together with quantities. Based on physical observation, the stock lists are prepared and the value of the total stock is calculated on the basis of unit value. It is thus clear that the inventory involves (i) inventory, (ii) pricing. Each product is priced at cost, unless the market price is lower. Pricing a statement at cost is easy if the costs remain fixed. But prices remain fluctuating; so valuation of shares is performed on the basis of one of many valuation methods.

The trading account creation helps to understand the relationship between cost and revenue and the effectiveness with which operations have been completed. The relationship between gross profit and sales is very important: It has arrived at:

Gross profit X 100 / Sale

Using G.P. Relationship he can figure out how efficiently he runs the business higher relationship, better will be the efficiency.

Trade Account Settlement Notes

In the case of transfers of different accounts relating to goods and purchase costs, the following entries are included:

(i) For opening of inventory: Debt account and credit bond account

(ii) For purchase: Debt account and credit purchase account, where the amount is an amount after deduction of return on investment.

(iii) For Purchase Return: Debit Purchase Purchase Account and Credit Purchase Account.

(iv) For return inward: Debit sales account and credit sales return account

(v) For direct costs: Debit trading account and credit direct expenses accounts individually.

(vi) For sale: Debit sales account and credit trading account. We find that all accounts as mentioned above will be closed with the exception of trading account

(vii) To close stock: Debit account and credit trading account After the above entry, the trade balance and the deviation of two pages are stated. If the credit page is more, the result is gross profit for which the following item is registered.

(viii) For gross profit: Debt account and credit profit and loss account If the result is gross loss, the above item is reversed. [19659003] Profit and loss account

The profit and loss account is opened by registering gross profit (on credit) or gross loss (debit page).

In order to earn a net profit, a businessman also has to incur many more costs for direct costs. These expenses are deducted from profits (or added to gross losses). The result will be net income or net loss.

The expenses recognized in the income statement are recognized as "indirect costs". These are classified as follows:

Sales and Distribution Costs .

These consist of the following expenses:

a) Salaries and commissions of sales members

b) Commission for agents

) Freight and transport on sale

(d) Revenue tax

e) Debt

] f) Advertising

g) Packaging Costs

(h) Export Customs

Administrative Expenses


These include:

a) Office Salaries and Salaries

(b) Insurance

(c) Legal Expenses

(d) Trade Expenses

and Taxes

(f) Auditing Fees

] (g) Insurance

(h) Rent

(i) Printing and Stationery

(j) Postage and Telegrams

Financial Costs

These include:

Rabat allowed

(b) Interest on capital

(c) Interest on loans

(d) Discounted bills discounted

] Maintenance, depreciation and provisions, etc.


These include the following expenses

(a) Repairs

(b) Depreciation of assets

(c) Receivables or reserves for doubtful receivables


Together with the above-mentioned indirect costs, the debtors side of the income statement also consists of various business losses.

On the credit side of the income statement are the registered items:

(a) Discount received

b) The Commission received

c) Rental received

d) Interest received

e) Revenue from Investments

f) Profits on Assets Sales

g) Repayment Amount

(h) Dividend Received

(i) Employee Premium, etc.


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Four reasons why recognized auto insurance companies are important


It does not matter where you live; Unless you are one of the lucky few, the odds are that you have to drive somewhere at least a couple of times a week. That said, you probably also know the dangers that can accompany every trip away from your home. From distracted motorists to road fares, there is no end to the problems that motorists face. Finding the right car insurance provider can make a huge difference in the amount of concern that drivers had to meet. While there are many different reasons for finding a reputable provider, four main reasons are really at the forefront.

Cause 1 – Cover Reliability

A reputable car insurance provider always ensures your coverage is there when you need it. Discount providers can not always advise their customers about any pending insurance policies. Imagine getting into an accident just to find out that your insurance policy was no longer valid and you had not been notified. Although this may sound like a bad dream, it has happened to many individuals countless times before.

Cause 2 – Fixed Price

A reputable car insurance provider will notify you in advance of any pending promotions. Unsurpassed providers can not let you know before you get your next bill. There is nothing like the surprise to find out that your insurance premiums or expenses have risen exponentially without prior notice.

Cause 3 – Willingness to Claim Claims

Recognized car insurance companies will never hesitate when it comes to paying legal requirements. Smaller companies can try to beam when it comes to taking care of them. Disproportionate insurance companies can try to pull their feet in hopes of avoiding paying demands by letting you bear the full burden.

Cause 4 – Customer Care Addiction

One of the most important areas where a reputable car insurance company can excel is customer service. Although there may be times when waiting time is required, the sign of a truly outstanding company is the ability to still ensure good customer service even with frustrated customers. Recognized car insurance companies will typically have excellent customer service skills. These skills will leave you willing to continue doing business with them over and over again.

Although there are an infinite number of reasons for finding a reputable insurance company is so important, the four preceding stand out from the rest. Remember to find the perfect car insurance provider does not have to be a task. Just know what to look for.


Source by Norman K Clay

The perfect family vacation on a tropical Thai beach


In the last couple of years my wife and children have searched high and low for the perfect holiday destination, which has something for the whole family to keep everyone fully entertained, while offering peace, tranquility and the right environment to be able to immerse yourself, totally relax and go off the treadmill to say. We have been to some very good places during our search, but in all the experiences we have had, each one or more of the most important ingredients we all agreed to be absolutely necessary for us to be completely satisfied and content. But we have just returned from our recent family vacation and finally we are happy to report that we have found the perfect family holiday (if your family is enjoying a beach holiday) and we wanted to share our meeting with all of you who take the time to read this post.

The location

The place we found there has something to keep us all entertained and happy was a reliable unspoilt 20km stretch of sandy beaches on the Andaman coast with a tropical jungle background. The region is called Khao Lak, and it is about an hour's drive from Phuket International Airport, and within Khao Lak there are 3 main tourist spots. Bang La On, Khuk Khak & Bang Niang. Khao Lak literally means Lak Mountain, and there is a nature reserve on the mountain that makes for one of the local attractions that we thoroughly enjoyed during our nature walks and guided jungle tours. Each of the three places is fairly quiet and has accommodations right from the height of luxury all the way to backpackers spots to offer something for all budgets and make this cozy, beautiful location in Thailand accessible to all to experience. In fact, if you like the quieter side of things while on vacation, Khao Lak is not just a place that is perfect as a family holiday but also for anyone who wants to relax and unwind in nature and In my opinion, it is the ideal honeymoon location, as there are many attractions that are impressive and interesting, while not too flashy and intrusive. If you want to go and Khao Lak at a particularly quiet time of year, I would recommend going in low season months, which are from April to November.

The Accommodation

As I mentioned earlier in this post; There are homes that suit all budgets and meet most tastes and requirements in a place to lay their heads on. We chose to rent a villa in a resort as we know from experience that this will make our lives easier with their staff at all during most hours to support us with what we needed. Also we like the privacy you get with a villa while you still have a resort swimming pool, bar, restaurant and in this special case – a kids club that suits us perfectly. So during the days we could let the kids enjoy what the Kids Club had organized for that day while my wife and I wanted to go out on our scooter or on a guided tour to explore the nearby attractions and places of interest – which one are many. The villa also had a fantastic sea view of the beach, which according to local people had the best, most beautiful sunset in the province. The beach is your ideal, soft sandy beach, and the seawater is hot and as clear as possible. In fact, it's deep to dive in this area, as there is plenty of sea life and many interesting things to see. So if you enjoy diving, make sure to book some fun dive when you visit Khao Lak.


Source by Simon J. Parsons

Travel to big cities: Car rental


When you travel to an area, you may find that renting a car is the thing to do. It makes sense since you have a car after a flight is the best way to get around, since you do not have to rely on public transport or friends and family to take you anywhere. But there are a few things to keep in mind when booking a car rental in any major city. To start with, if you want the best rate, you should order online. In addition, consider using a car for rental website that goes through all the options and gives you the best rate if you want the best possible price.

Secondly, another aspect is to keep an eye on the hidden fees. Many times, these car rental companies will charge additional fees for a larger car or they may charge fees like them to use the car for a certain number of miles, etc. Once again, car hire car hire is useful. These companies allow for all the expenses that you will be charged to be in advance. It's a good mind when you rent a car in the way you have no future surprises as owed hundreds of dollars more than you had planned when you first left your car back after your trip

Another aspect to remember is to find a car rental company that allows you to deliver and pick up in different locations. It's much harder than most people realize, as many companies require you to drop in the same place where you picked up the car. This is a major disadvantage for many people, as the collection site could be a place where they simply cross the road to another city. Therefore, the car to the rental companies is the best companies to go to, simply because they allow you to deliver on any of their locations. And these places are in all major cities, usually located at airports. Which means that this is very convenient for those who rent cars.

Always remember to go with a company that is great for you to join. But with so many people who finally discover a car for rental companies, their reputation only grows, so you can feel comfortable in hiring with this company.


Source by Pramod Dadhich