Overseas Auto Transport can be done easily

Moving abroad is definitely quite complicated than moving to another city. Unless you have to sell your car and buy a new one at your destination, you must hire a cargo. Many people are in doubt that it is worthwhile to have their car transported when they live abroad for a while.

Understandably, it looks like a complicated process. However, the process using a full service car service is quite simple and stress free. If you have never sent a car abroad before, this article gives an overview of your car's upcoming trip.

Types of Overseas Transport

The first leg of your car's journey is the journey from your home to the port. If the port is close, you can drive it yourself. If it's farther away, you'll probably also have the carrier handle that part of the journey.

When your car arrives at the dock, it will be shipped in three ways: Roll On Roll Off, RORO, in a 20 foot container or in a 40 foot container.

Roll On Roll Off is usually used for short trips. For example, it is the most common way that cars are shipped to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. The ship is almost a big car ferry. Your vehicle is boarded and parked with many other vehicles. On arrival, it is driven out on the dock. RORO service is usually cheaper than container shipping. But it is also less certain and your vehicle is more likely to be damaged. This shipping method covers the car itself. There are no provisions for the shipment of personal property.

A 20-foot container is a safer method of car transport. The car is loaded into a standard freight container, so it does not move during the journey, and the container is taken on board the ship. For the most part, these smaller containers will only fit the car itself. If space is in the container, some shippers also allow you to send personal property.

The best solution for shipping both your vehicle and household items is a 40 foot container. The other objects are first placed so that a wooden shot is placed in the container to separate these items from the car. Drive the vehicle into the container and secure as above. This shipping method is safer for both the car and your other possessions, but is probably the most expensive shipping method.

Other Details of Overseas Car Transport

Overseas transport will be more expensive than the typical shipping car. The shipment will entail port charges at the destination. If you ship to another country, you must pay the country's tariffs. Finally, your insurance will almost not cover your vehicle during the journey. You must buy sea insurance, which generally costs 1% -3% of the price of the vehicle.

International shipping has stricter documentation requirements. You must use the original title of the vehicle and may need other documentation depending on the destination. An experienced international car carrier will be able to help you with the details so that you can get everything cooked before your flight.

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