Best tourist attractions in Miami

Miami has many tourist attractions. The beach, the restaurants, the sun and the nightlife are just some of these. For those who want something more than a bucket of beer or a frozen strawberry margarita, Miami is the best place to visit. It blossoms with great culture and fills with little pieces that make it unique from other American cities.

One of these little pieces that make Miami colorful is Little Havana, part of Dade County, where Cuban refugees and immigrants found relief from a Castro-controlled government. The best thing about Little Havana is that the culture of the country it symbolizes is kept. Visiting the place is like visiting Cuba, but without socialism as well as potential missionary crisis.

Walking on the streets of Little Havana, tourists treat different experiences. From something as trivial as old men play checkers to live paintings on the building wall, there is culture around every corner. This part of Miami is packed with family-owned shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Little Havana's unique stands out even in such a diverse area as Miami.

Calle Ocho is one of the reasons for this. Being held annually as part of the Carnival Miami celebrations, Calle Ocho is free to the public and shows the Spanish communities & # 39; pride. As people bend flags, adorn shirts and wear colors devoted to their heritage, culturally different music is played and food is served from different countries. Calle Ocho takes place between 4th Avenue and 27th Avenue, along 8th Street. Named to be the biggest street party in the state, it attracts many people. The festival typically has more than 30 stages and hundreds of artists, entertainers and gadget suppliers. People have celebrated it for almost 3 decades.

Apart from Little Havana and Calle Ocho, Miami has much more to offer. It is not only known for its sunny clear clouds and warm weather, but it is also filled with a wide range of good tourist attractions.

Venetian Pool

While the South Beach Art Deco skyline is the iconic image usually associated with Miami, an exclusive part of the city is known as Coral Gables an equally unforgetable attraction – the Venetian pool. It is an incredible Mediterranean lagoon right in the center of historic Miami wine-covered loggias, a large Spanish-inspired fountain and an oasis filled with stylish porticos. The Venetian pool even has spectacular waterfalls that flow into the lagoon. As if these things were not enough, it also has its own palm-shaded island and coral mountain caves.

Well hidden behind wrought iron doors and stucco walls, the Venetian pool served as a limestone quarry in the past. It was changed in 1924 when George Merrick developed Coral Gables. He imagined a Mediterranean-inspired town of plazas, esplanades and fountains, a nice and amazing counterpart to the urban decline he experienced in Dade County, where he also served as a commissioner.

If you are visiting the Venetian pool with your children, be aware that children must be 3 years and 38 inches tall to enter the pool. There is a snack bar and pool hours that differ from day to day as well as season to season. The Venetian pool is closed for five holidays each year. Entrance fees also different according to season, membership and age.

South Beach

No vacation to Miami can be considered complete without visiting South Beach – the ideal Miami hotspot. From party to shopping, this area is popular for being a trendy setting. Depending on your taste, you like to spend a whole weekend, trip around the area. You can stay at one of the best hotels and explore the art deco architecture on the spot or party all night with friends.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami quickly becomes one of the finest zoos in the state. Its climate allows it to keep different animals from Australia, Africa and Asia like no other son in the country. As one of the first zoos, Zoo Miami exhibitions are completely useless. The animals are grouped based on their geographical area, and those who live harmoniously in nature are gathered in exhibitions.


Everglades National Park is one of the most remarkable public parks in the United States, which has 1.5 million hectares of subtropical forests, sawmills and marshes. Located in southern Florida, Everglades is home to fourteen rare and endangered species, including Florida Panther, West Indian Manatee and American Crocodile. A large part of the area is primitive, explored only by researchers and adventurers, but visitors have many opportunities for walking, canoeing and camp. Your time in this wonderful park can take the form of a quick drive or a week full of adventure in the backcountry swamp.

Miami Museum of Science

Experience the latest child-friendly exhibitions at the Museum of Science. The museum is home to the Weintraub Observatory and the Bird of Prey Research Center. Your whole family will definitely enjoy a good learning adventure.


Seaquarium is located right in the heart of the tourist resort, on the footbridge between Key Biscayne and downtown Miami. It's a wonderful stop where you can see an outdoor aquarium experience that is only possible in a tropical climate. Be sure to spend enough time in the Seaquarium.

Jungle Island

Earlier known as the Parrot Jungle, Jungle Island offers tourists an enjoyable learning opportunity to observe tropical birds in their natural habitats & # 39; reproductions. The attraction includes regular excursions as well as offers many educational programs.

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