House Selling Tips – Find 3 creative ways to sell your property today

In today's real estate market you need a system to quickly sell your houses. Below are 3 ways we use to sell our properties quickly in today's market.

first Multiple Listing Service: Commonly referred to as MLS. There are a few ways to get properties listed on MLS. List the property with a real estate agent or you can list it yourself on MLS using a fixed fee MLS listing company. Offer to pay at least 5% commission using a real estate agent and on the flat rate MLS, it will cost you about $ 500 up front for listing and then offer 2.5-3% to the realtor who brings you the buyer

2. FSBO: You can use this method at the same time as # 1 when selecting the MLS service. Install a sign on the front lawn the day you close, and then type the property on as many websites as possible. Do not use the information tube or enter anything, just a number to call.

3rd Build a buyer's list: This is the best thing you can do because he has the list has the gold. When you receive a call or email about your property, you must collect the buyer's information before giving them information. Find out what they're looking for and keep track of all the information in a database or spreadsheet. Next time you have a property to see all you need to do is go to your buyer's list and send them the details and see the phone's ring on the hook.

There are many techniques to find buyers and sell houses quickly. The key would be to build a buyer's list so you could use a method so you do not need anybody else.

Source by Craig Picard

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