7 tips to keep your e-bike safe and secure

Buying a secure lock for your e-bike is a good precaution, but you may also try other techniques to protect your investment. Below are some tips that can help you make your e-bike much more secure.


Ideally you can choose a public place to park your e-bike. Bikes are less prior to theft in a public place because they can not break a lock in the presence of many people. In addition, it is not a good idea to keep the bike locked up somewhere for the whole day or night. In addition, you might want to look for safe things to lock your bike, such as a bicycle parking lot, a street sign or a tree, fence or handrail.

High Traffic

It's a good idea to park your e-bike in a public place, but not all public places are good for this purpose. Park your bike, where parking is allowed. This is more important if you need to park more than one bike.


It's a good idea to also secure your helmet. For convenience, just make sure your bike is safe. If your bike has a detachable, you can take it with you. In fact, some detachable can be easily removed from the bicycle.


When your bike is at home, you can put it in your garage, under a tarp or shed. Normally thieves cheat up in the neighborhood as they enter a building or house. Therefore, you can not let them spot your bike.

Serial Number

You may want to list the serial number of your bike. If your bike is stolen, the serial number will be requested by the police so they can find your bike for you. Typically, the serial number can be found on the bottom of the bracket number. It is also a good idea to hide your contact information under a piece of paper stuck somewhere on the bike, like the seat tube or the handlebar.

Smartphone Tracking

This development technology is part of some e-cycles and you can add a few systems to your bike. In fact, GPS tracking can help you find your bike if it is lost or stolen. With this amazing feature, you can find out where your e-bike is at a certain time. Apart from this, you can also add an alarm to your bike that will alert you when someone will try to manipulate the vehicle.

Get e-bicycle insurance

As an additional security feature, you can get an e-bicycle insurance. This insurance will provide better coverage than a homeowner's insurance. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing this insurance.

Long story short, if you've been looking to secure your e-bike, we suggest that you take into account the above tips. This ensures that your bike is safe and sound wherever you park it.

Source by Shalini Madhav

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