Keep up to code and offer assistance at the same time

LED Emergency Cards may be required by law and will keep you posted with your insurance provider. But they also offer assistance if somebody needs it, and as a business owner it's a responsibility you should be willing to go on. You do not want it on your shoulders that people were hurt or killed because of not being able to find their way.

Although true, most LED emergency cards are never needed for anything more than evacuation exercises, you can not take this risk. Studies show time and time again when there is an emergency or a fire people are looking for a way out. The exit they are familiar with may be blocked and they will find another way out of the building.

For those who are not familiar with the outputs, they may feel stupid and panic. Seeing the LED Emergency Output Signals light on even when there is fire or smoke can help out in less time. Depending on the situation, they can not have much time to work with so every second counts!


There are LED emergency exit signs available in different sizes, so there's no reason why you can not find exactly what you need. Ideally, they should be visible to people to find when looking for an exit. Nevertheless, they should not be all consuming and stick out like a sore thumb when it comes to the rest of your layout either.

Take a moment to look at them and you will find those that seem to be a good fit for your location. They must be well mixed, but make sure they are not lost in the mix with everything either.


The LED emergency signs must be at each exit point and secured in place. They must be overhead or just to the side of the exit door. But you should have them in places that can lead somebody to an actual exit as well. For example, those who have an arrow that will point people towards the nearest exit.

It may be useful to ask your firefighter to get into the company and investigate your needs. They can help you identify how many LED emergency exits you need and the best places to put them on. It is better to have their expert opinion than to make assumptions that can result in errors.


Search for products that illuminate themselves, for example. With LED lighting. Keep in mind that in an emergency there may be a discharge. These characters will not make you good if they can not light up. LED lamps have long-lasting bulbs, and they remain cool to touch. Look for products that are also heat resistant so they can still lead if there is fire.

Large letters are a good idea because not everyone has the same vision. If there are smoke or other elements out of the norm, it can prevent what a person can see. You need them to be able to identify these outputs as soon as possible and make a plan to reach one.


You can purchase a suitable sign to help identify the outputs without a large expense. There is no price tag, you can help reduce damage and save lives. You will also save money because you are not fined to be out of compliance with rules and codes. You may also be able to save on your insurance premiums with such signs in place.

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