What should you tell your ex-girlfriend to get her back

Many people are looking for this exact phrase on the web all over the world – & # 39; What are you going to tell your ex-girlfriend to get her back? Perhaps this is what you desperately need to get the love of your life back to life.

So what do you tell her?

Well here are no correct or wrong answers, but there are definitely some things you should do and should not do. First, take a step back from the situation and give yourself and your ex-girlfriend some breath. Now it's not time to bother her, nor is it time to get up or make big life decisions.

Put a little space between you.

For some days or weeks, it's best not to call, write or email your ex, but you will contact and open the communication lines very soon. This is where you need to know exactly what to tell her and what to say.

As I said, there are no concrete correct or wrong answers here, but it is a great method that you can apply today. It's simple, very effective and will use emotional triggers to get the desired results.

You must leave your ex-girlfriend with a message saying that you completely agree with the decision she has made and that has given you a great deal. You also say that she has done something really good for you and you want to thank the person. So just quit the message and wait for her to come back to you.

You can send a message in an email, text, simple note or leave a voice mail on an answering machine. No matter what it works, and you will have your ex-friend contact you very soon.

Use this method if you want to know what to tell your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

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