Blue American Express Card gives you more


The blue card gives you the flexibility and freedom you may or may not find in other major credit cards. Depending on how you like to manage your finances, you can pay your blue credit card balance fully every month or over an extended period of time. Blue card has no annual fee and a 0% APR (annual percentage) for the first 15 months – 3 months longer than most reward credit cards. There is also a 20-day grace period to postpone monthly interest fees and if you want extra credit cards for family and friends, you will receive them for free.

The credit card offers a free reward program. When you join you, you will receive 1 point for almost every blue card purchase you make. It does not matter if you buy ice or plane tickets you want to add up that can be redeemed for retail products, entertainment, travel and much more. When you transfer balances from other higher interest rate credit cards to your American Express Blue card, you enjoy a low fixed rate of 4.99% until the balance is paid and there is no transaction fee for transferring the balance. This Blue Card feature can save you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

The most current billing information is available to you online, including transactions, fees, and payments. You also get Express Pay: Express Pay is a payment technology that allows you to buy without pushing your Blue Card. Once you have made a purchase, just hold the card up to the payer at the registry and that's it. You do not have to sign anything and you can get a receipt if you choose. There are thousands of Express Pay readers nationwide, making it easy for you to make purchases quickly and easily.

There are several good features of the American Express Blue Card to explore. With the blue card you have great fraud protection online and offline. You will not be held liable for any unauthorized charges under any condition. A summary online annual report gives you 24 hours access to important information about your credit card account. You can download the summary, print it and separate fees by date, trade name, fee and notification fees made within a category. The summary is an excellent tool for preparing taxes and budgeting.

Want more? Well, what about 24/7 customer service and 90 day return protection. When a merchant does not return a designated item within 90 days, American Express will refund the purchase price up to $ 300 per. Item and maximum $ 1000 annually per. Credit Card Account. You also get purchase insurance so you can act carefree, knowing that the original product warranty will be matched in an additional year for 5 years or less guarantees. There is also the purchase link plan that protects approved purchases made with the blue card against accidental injury and theft for 90 days after purchase of your product. You will receive car rental and non-life insurance when using your card for car rental, emergency card, travel accident insurance and Global Assist Hotline, which helps you with medical, legal, financial or other emergency assistance when traveling more than 100 from home.

Overall, the American Express Blue Card is an ideal financial companion for daily use of credit cards. Its versatility as a credit card is read by reading the aforementioned benefits and features. It is a credit card that easily complements your financial portfolio and gives you more of what a large credit card has to offer.


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