7 Ways to Save on California Health Insurance


Health insurance premiums are high at all times, they rise at a rate of approx. 15 percent each year. So there must be a way to keep your campaigns at a level that is affordable, I'll explain to you how. California has 7 companies competing for your business and from the date of this publication there are many new plans out there that save people 30 to 50 percent of their health insurance premiums each month, I'll give you some tips on how to do it today [19659002] # 1 Health Benefits Specialist

There are many people selling health insurance, but are not health benefits specialists that maybe your car insurance agent is selling health insurance but only showing a company you should Make sure to hire an agent that represents a number of companies. Whether you purchase your policy from an agent or directly from the healthcare company yourself, the price of your insurance will be the same as they are regulated by each state's insurance commissioner. Hence, by hiring an agent, you will get an impartial view of all the plans you have available in California, unlike the carrier, telling you why they are the greatest and the best. I work for my customers and not the insurance companies. I find my customers the best plan for their needs and budget.

# 2. Switch to a Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan

HSAs becomes one of the most popular health insurance plans in California. The concept is simple; You pay for deductible expenses at a reduced rate and the carrier pays for the deductible. Most HSA plans cover preventive care as a first-dollar benefit, which means that your deduction has been waived. The savings are significant that they are typically 50% cheaper than traditional plans. How much could save?

Family Traditional Plan $ 550 dollars a month for a family of four

HSA Plan – $ 250 dollars a month for a family of four

Savings of $ 3600 dollars a year

# 3 Select a higher Deductible

Most people while choosing a plan choose the lowest deductible but pay for the low deduction in the way of higher prizes and ultimately end. Choosing a plan with a higher deductible can save the average family $ 1,500 or more. How much can you save?

Family Plan With 500 Deductible Family Members With A 2,500 Deductible – $ 315

Savings – $ 4.380

# 4 Ditch The Co-Pays

Yes, you only pay $ 25 when you see a doctor but The question is, how much do they actually pay? There are many plans that are now on the market without a purchase, but all medical visits are still covered. You simply pay the network discount rate, which is usually only $ 15 to $ 25 more than co-pay. How much can you save? Here is an example:

Family plan with sampayere- $ 425

Family plan without co-payment- $ 290

Save- $ 1,620 a year!

# 5 Shop and Compare

There are at least seven (7) major health insurance companies in California, each with 12 plans or more on average. There are over 84 plans on the market. Well, to be honest, there are over 250 plans to choose from in California, so you have a great selection of plans. It is a big mistake to believe that similar plans have the same price. A carrier could charge $ 500 per Month for a PPO plan with a $ 1000 deductible. Another carrier could charge $ 350 for the same exact plan. So be sure to compare carriers.

# 6 Annual Policy Review

Each year, many airlines come with new plans with lower prices. When you choose a new plan, you typically get the lowest prices on the market and can save 30% to 60% of your current campaigns.

# 7 Look at Generic Prescription Drugs Only

You can typically save 20 percent or more on your health insurance premiums by getting health plans with generic prescription drug costs. So if you are healthy individual looking for coverage not on any medication this could be an alternative to you. More and more drugs now have a generic alternative, so another suggestion to save money is to ask your doctor if they have a generic version of the drug you are on.

I hope you've come away with learning something you did not already have on how to keep your health insurance premiums lower in California.


Source by Marc Hart

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