What type of insurance coverage for the Amazon provider?

If you are involved in e-commerce by selling online, you may realize that you are facing similar risks as other businesses. Those involved in the Amazon Marketplace are required by the company to achieve a certain business coverage of up to $ 1,000 per share. Event:

• Occupational Liability Insurance
• Personal Injury Insurance
• Personal Injury Insurance
] • Property Insurance

Amazon Suppliers must realize that this is limited coverage that does not protect those whose losses require greater demands. Like any businessman, those involved in e-commerce should assess their needs and acquire appropriate related insurance coverage.

General Liability
General Liability Insurance is a basic cover for the online vendor – as it is traditional brick stores. It is there to protect your company from liability to:
– Injury
– Negligence
– Accidents

If there is a related lawsuit, this insurance may pay for payment due and payable .

Product liability coverage is generally linked to this policy. It protects the manufacturer or seller with regard to personal injury or damage to a third party arising from a defective product.

However, there are cases where this kind of coverage does not help. Why? In the event that a seller is not properly rated and registers a claim, he or she may have a & # 39; no & # 39; from the insurance company.

Take the matter of Mary – an Amazon seller who successfully sold skin care products to an online market.

Everything was fine, business, for Mary until the fateful day when a consumer sued her in relation to a serious skin flare up to the creams sent to her by Mary. When Mary filed a claim, she had a shock: the insurance company refused coverage because her policy was mistakenly judged as an internet dealer. As a person who placed her company labels on her creams, she should have been rated as a manufacturer & # 39;

Sorry, her agent did not make the mistake! The financial consequences had a far-reaching effect, which historically forced her into bankruptcy.

Although this clarifies how important it is to be looking for policy issues, there are other forms of coverage that an Amazon seller should pay close attention to.

Other policies for the Amazon seller

One of the managers concerns any Amazon seller has the opportunity to be suspended from the Amazon network of sellers. If this happens, loss of income can be significant. Amazon Suspension Insurance Policy is the number one coverage recommended for the industry across the board.

Other Insurance Policies to Consider are:

• Business Machine
• Employer Comp
• Umbrella / Profit
• Cyber ​​Responsibility
• Ocean Marine




]] Of course, there is no place to talk to an insurance company that will lead you to a tailor made insurance program that is made for you.

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