10 ways to track frequent Flyer Points


Tracking frequent flyer points can be a tiring and aggravating process. And not knowing a point in all can lead to expensive mistakes and missing opportunities. With so many ways to earn points, rotating special promotions, partner prices and bonus points, it can be impossible to keep track of points. If so, there are ten ways to track in order to keep them updated and pay attention to collecting totals.

Set a date
There are lots of tools and gadgets out there to be evaluated by frequent flyer points totals, but the overall responsibility lies with the cardholder. If nothing else works, enter a date to check the point balance, perhaps the first or last of each month to make it easy to remember.

Frequent flyers may be able to sign up for an informative newsletter via a specific frequent flyer program. This newsletter can help to be judged not only by the status of a frequent flyer but for promotions, offers and changes in the points program.

A way to track points can be through the card billing. While a bill may or may not break down frequent flyer points depending on where or how they were applied, it may help the cardholder to stay updated on his total score.

By signing email messages via a frequent flight program, a frequent flyer can receive messages that are relevant to that application as well as point updates.

Google Gadget
If delivered by the program, it may be convenient to track points totals using a Google Gadget. Such a gadget can make it quick and easy to see point balances, see points obtained in partner categories, and get news and offers.

Using internet access over the phone can be another suitable and effective method of keeping track of your points.

Online Account
Receiving newsletters or emails may not be preferable to anyone, and some may not take the time or have the necessary knowledge to create a gadget. If this is the case, checkpoints by logging in to an online account can be an effective way to get the necessary information.

Customer Service Representative
Amazingly, not everyone has access to the Internet or may not have access to it when it is really necessary. If so, a frequent flyer can call a customer service representative for the associated program to determine his or her total points.

Set Goals
The problem for some cardholders actually remembers their point total. If they do not receive regular updates via newsletter or email, it just can not be anything they remember to do. These people may consider tracking their points by setting goals. This could make it more likely that they will remember a planned vacation or purchase they would like to make with their points, thereby jogging their memory to track their totals.

The Old Fashioned Way
If anything else fails, it's another way to keep receipts or voting purchases when they are made, though perhaps not the most effective to track frequent flyer points.


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